Adult ADD, Depression and Wellbutrin?

I have have depression for many years and lately decided to see a specialist. She surprised me by stating that I most probably own ADD. I never thought of myself as having ADD but immediately that I read more about the symptoms they give the impression of being to fit me to a T. Which is a relief because I hold always feel like a huge loser who can't acquire things done no matter how sturdy I try. My question is: how forceful is Wellbutrin XL for treating ADD (I am taking 150mg twice daily)? Also, how long does it take for me to perceive any different? Is the change noticeble or something severely subtle? What are some of the side effects? I have notice that my appetite has decrease dramatically (to the point where I know I hold to eat but of late can't bring myself to do it), slight headaches and severe dizziness. Also my legs get kind of rubbery. I enjoy been taking it for in the region of a week. How long will it take for me to consideration something? I hope this helps me.

I am surprised that she didn't put you on Straterra or something similar to that for adult ADD. Wellbutrin 150mg 2 x on a daily basis for a starting dose is ok. It does help near some of the affects of ADD. My son was on Ritalin when he be young and did fine near it. He has quit taking anything since he get out of college. He has intellectual to use coping mechanisms close to acronyms and other things. You should get over the side effects soon. It will hold about 4 to 6 wks to gain into your system although you may feel better sooner. You MUST drink though. Wellbutrin will cause consignment loss and sometimes that's not a good point. Good luck and I hope this works for you.
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