A Question about Dreams & Health?

My husband constantly complains that he has had a bad dream. During his sleep, he is sometimes very restlest with his legs moving and he gets jerks.
Sometimes (4 out of 7 days), when he wakes up, he describes that he has had a bad dream and he can describe it very clearly which means that he was actually totally involved in the dream.
Sometimes, he dreams about God and in the morning he is awake with good feeling but still its about 'the dream'.

How do I cure this thing for him? Is there any medicine or psychological treatment which can be given to him?

I keep telling him not to focus so much on 'dreams' and just 'ignore it'. Or just think good thoughts before sleeping (to which he replies that he does not think bad thoughts before sleeping).

Please help me how do I help my husband cure the above.

Thanks for all replies. It will be a great help!

check out these sites, they may help:



hope that helps! good luck!

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