Am i...OK??

sometimes i get into serious depressions and i save having disturbing dreams..i cant sleep tremendously well any =(
does this ever happen to you?

it will be grate when adjectives sickness will end. but for immediately,yeah i have have those times,in reality i've been diagnosed next to acute mania,and yes i hold disturbing dreams,they carry on through out the sunshine,and i get worried around those people,or things. but,i hope you be aware of better,i found it helps to travel down the natrulpathic route(natural medicine)
Like for 24 years.

But I lead a common enough time once the lingering effects of hte dreams wear bad.
you might want to consult a dr. you might have depression.
and yes this happen to me a lot. not the dreams tho.
you hold to control your mind, let it know that you are ok and you will be fine no thing what.

good luck!
Yes. depression does bring desperate dreams for me, too. But I have to be really depressed for it to appear. Talk to a doctor about your depression. Maybe he or she can bestow you a mild tranquilizer. Depression can take over your enthusiasm if you let it. Good luck to you.
honey, you poor entry. what a constant nightmare life may seemto be at times, for you. You enjoy friends that you do know exist. they are generally not see, or heard audibly, but angels are adjectives around us at all times. they do not sleep, so they are to blame for many-a-nightmare. in attendance are good ones! ones that protect us and thought deepply for us, assigned to us by the Father. the fallen ones, or "nuisences", roam the loam constantly, angered by their current state of displeasure. just approaching poeple, it eases their misery to share it with others. you can thrawt this attack upon, however. use the oil lamp power within yourself (from the Father) and enlighten them to leave you alone. earth-bound angels are subject to the authority of humans. you hold to be strong though, and really believe that you can do this, and ask for it in the designation of the peaceful prince...Jesus...and they must depart from you.
peace be near you as you come to realize the strength you have inside yourself.
p.s. i do not go to any church. i look up bible passage in their ingenious languages at home, and catch a beautiful, clear, comforting, believable version of how the scpiptures be originally intended ( i use the Strong's bible concordance for referance) that is how i know these things more or less angels and our relationship to them. this will not fail.
Check this out.

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