i was taking effexor 37.5 once a daytime for about a month!!The side affects be way to much for me so i enjoy bee going off of it!One every 4-5 days.Well my doctor said to stop taking it.Its a low dose so he said its ok.Ive be dizzy BAD headache!!I think its annul!Anyone have an hypothesis how long it lasts?Anyone own any stories about effexor??

i took it too and side effects be bad have to stop taking it .side effects should have stopped by presently i wouldnt think it be withdrawls whatever you do ,dont pocket it any more
I took efexor for like in the future. That stuff is terrible. I'd to some extent feel depressed than want to stale myself. BAD!
i have a moment ago started taking them, same dosage and my main side effect is drowsiness. By the finale of the day, i'm also greatly grumpy. I will be taking my 7th tablet this morning so I guess the side effects could get worse. What be you taking it for? Just depression or anxiety or both? I'm taking them for both, but i'm going to stick at it for as long as I can because i've become a nervous wreck. Hope you numeral out what to do.
I found that it worked very economically for me better than Zoloft or Prozac and when I stopped taking it I had no withdrawl symptoms. Guess every one is different.
See if you can attain some in a smaller dose and taper past its sell-by date slowly. Or, cut your pills in partly if they're tablet form. The withdrawals can closing for a few weeks

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