After experincng nouns atacks im not here emotionaly numb and dumb too, awfully poor memory, why? and what should?

i do to get wager on to my old self, ive changed, grain like a diferent party, i dont enjoy the things i used to savour, no energy for anything, not even for a lil politeness, sugestions on what meds to lift, and any mental excercises, ive tried reading but by the time ive reached the subsequent paragraph ive forgoten what was i reading nearly, thanks for any serve

your mind could well shift into a kind of shock stage. the best character to answer this would be a doctor I wish you look
First of adjectives, have you checked your thyroid function?
I will share near you what I have done to boost the energy even, mood and memory. Because I have sluggish thyroid I am taking rather amount of Rx medication, helped some near the energy . However, taking StressCare/Geriforte for a mood and Bacopa an herb for a memory hold made a great difference. I feel similar to myself again. I meditate regularly and do brisk walking 5-7 times a week. I follow healthy diet to the best of my ability.
I am writing this under the assumption that your hysterics attacks have be medically and/or psychologically verified. If not, it would be good to desire either and probably both kind of help. Panic attacks can be treated next to medication as well as counseling. However, your portrayal raises some red flags.

The symptoms you are describing - not enjoy what you used to enjoy, no vim, and either concentration or memory difficulties point towards some form of depression. There are some other symptoms you don't mention that would be needed to engineer a firm diagnosis, but from what you are saying, I conjecture it would be good for you to see a doctor.

Many population with anxiety disorders also own some form of depression - usually major depression. "Sometimes" impossible to tell apart medication can be used to treat both at the same time. But that have to be as per a doctor's assessment.

There are self-help groups for people next to depression and anxiety disorders. Your local mental health clinic should hold some of that information, perhaps it is even mentioned within your newspaper. There might even be phone numbers programmed for them. There is a website called NIMH I believe (National Institute of Mental Health) that would own some information for you. Do a web rummage on anxiety and depression. However I realize that given your energy horizontal and problems with memory that it might not be as kind now, but at tiniest you will be able to refer pay for at times when you do have more vim and in the amount of time that you can stand.

I would stir up you to walk outside and gain plenty of sunlight, that seems to comfort. After a panic attack do some slow - thoughtful breathing to relax yourself. But definately, given what you report, I would encourage you to see a doctor. If you are not comfortable with the one you see, request a referral to another one. If cost is a factor, see if you can see someone at the local mental strength clinic. Take care.

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