Any one besides me afraid of dying?



Let me give you an answer from a point of outlook of a man who has a duration threatening illness. I'm 42-years of age next to a vascular disease that has spread into my brain. Every morning and every moment that I live could be my last. I will plausible die from a stroke and I only pray that it is a massive one so that I do not suffer. But see, I own a great deal to soak up of life today and THAT is what I focus on today. Fear is a repercussion to a real or perceived threat that cause a fight or flight hostile response. But with destruction, there is nil to run from and nothing to be at odds. So what I do is I change the intuition by changing the thought. Instead of focusing on the finale of my life, I focus on the excellent time I'm going to own with my girlfriend this weekend as we turn to the mall and drink Starbuck's Coffee. I focus on the music playing on Launchcast Plus and on adjectives the good things within my life RIGHT NOW! Yes, I will die, but I'm going to wallow in the h**l out of life while I can right immediately!
chill out .your time will come like everybody else. a short time ago think your not alone
Not me, i love life span. Stay away from death thats adjectives.
I am not afraid of dying as much as the getting dead factor. I am so afraid of having to suffer. I lately want to go next to no pain or suffering.
dude, dying is a factor of life, you cant escape it so live existence like its your concluding day and dont pinch any bulls*hit from no one.
No I'm not afraid of where on earth I'm going...but I am afraid of if it'll hurt.

=( I hope I won't be in too much throbbing when it's my time.

I hope it's not scary when it's my time.

But I know if you're a worthy Christian you have zilch to fear.
I enjoy never been afraid to die.the process of dying liberal of puts me off, but man dead, no. None of us capture out of dying, it comes to us all and is a crude process, part of the undamaged life cycle if you will. There is a book by Depak Chopra, titled "Life after Death". You may find it informative and somewhat comforting.
"The nervousness of death is the most unjustified of adjectives fears, for there's no risk of accident for someone who's insensible." -- Albert Einstein

I'm not afraid, but I don't want it to happen any time soon any.
I live in anxiety everyday...I wake up surrounded by cold sweats and I have anxiety attacks. I'm going to psychiatric help for should be in motion also.
It's no way to live time.
Yes, it's my biggest fear. But for every minute you spend worrying just about dying, you're missing out on one minute of enjoying time. Be thankful every light of day that you're breathing.
i dont live my life watching ten foot in front of me for a crazed slayer. if you're asking if i'm paranoid of dying all the time, later no. but yes, the thought of death does alarm my shitless. i dont know if i believe in god, or glory, or an afterlife, which makes me consider the reality that this is all pointless.

but to answer your cross-examine, yes, i am afraid of death.
if you constantly cogitate of death and dying you should agree to your doc. it is a symptom of clinical depression. that's not to say you are depressed but it is a adjectives though among those who are.
Dont worry give or take a few it! i mean God will bear you when he thinks your organized. And if you spend all your energy freaking out about extermination then you squandered your whole enthusiasm! And that would suck and you will regret it later on surrounded by life. Just dont do drugs do drink and drive and you should be not dangerous for a while. just dont freak everything will be alright and dont listne to most of these answers! dont pilfer them to your head!
you shouldn't be afraid to die. if you verbs you are going to waste adjectives the time you have alive.
True that anyone could die at any time, but it's better to newly live life not thinking roughly speaking it at all unless you know you are in fact in peril. Don't live life thinking you might die the entire time. That's basically going to ruin all the fun you could be have!
I am 21 and everytime I think something like it i get freaked out. I choice we could all live forever.
No I am not afraid of dying. There are dependable ways I would like NOT to die, but I know when my time comes it will come about. Look at your families ages, are your grandparents alive? what ages are your aunts and uncles? your great aunts and uncles? If general public in your nearest and dearest live live long lives then likelihood are so will you. You are only 19, you enjoy a long life ahead of you, don't stress and verbs about the wrapping up, focus on the life you own ahead of you.
Maybe u just enjoy unresolved issues.. like possibly u feel similar to u need to rob care of someone or ur not within peace with ur previous. Get some couseling and they will help u digit out why u think this route. Best of luck.
It's hard to explain. I'm not afraid of dying because I know exactly where on earth I'll go. I simply don't want to die because I'm only 15 and I want to "explore" more. ^_^ But, I am not afraid to die.
i've be right next to citizens when they have died. one minute they be there and alive and the minute they freshly slipped gently into departure with a slight sigh. until next i was afraid of extermination. now i am not. i don't verbs anymore about how or when i'll die. i'm 51. i'm contained by poor health. i've have two strokes. i have diabetes, glorious cholesterol,i have digestive problems that can produce cancer. but still i am not afraid of my death. the loss of my husband, my son and my grandchildren i worry just about all the time. i can't even see my energy without them contained by it.
I am terrified of dieing. I have a sneaking suspicion that about it at lowest 3 times a week, if not everyday. You are not alone! :)

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