Free healthcare in southern california?

Does anyone know how it works with adults 18+ who feel like they need to stay in a hospital because of severe panic/depression.
I'm going to do my own research but my sister is still living at home, she's 23, has no job and is not in school and has disabling depression and wants to be in a hospital so as not to be a "burden" on anyone. I was just wondering what happens in a situation like that with $$. Can she get free help?
Thanks so much for any responses.

first of all, she needs to make an appointment with social services in the community you live in.
a hospital stay is drastic and a last resort.
It sounds like depression, not a panick attack issue.
If they decide she needs the help and is really suffering severly from a mental illness, they will get her into counseling and most likely get her a case worker to monitor her well being and get her back into taking care of herself physically and financially..

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