Am I have nouns attacks?

Okay, when people touch my d¨Ścolletage (ANYBODY no matter how capably I know them) I freeze, i feel as if i can't move, my eyes dampen up, my heart rate increases, my heart will pump so hard i have a feeling like it's going yo come out of my chest, my hand begin to shakes madly, I start sweating, my knees get in poor health, and the most scary quantity is that I feel close to I can't breathe, my breathing become really shallow, I begin to huff for air, and I still touch like I can't breathe. This sensation continues even a couple of minutes after someone have touched my neck. I'm 15, and I notice this started happening when I be 10,I'm not sure but I think that the basis is that my twin brother and I used to fight closely and he would grab my nouns and push me against the floor or wall and hold me there, i couldn't breathe and I would sometimes turn blue. This happen a lot. And i focus this is the end result. Is this a phobia or a frenzy attack or what? it interferes with my life span becuz it seems ppl similar to my neck Wat 2do?

It sure sounds approaching a panic attack. I enjoy them and it sounds identical to my symptoms. However, mine are triggered by different things than yours. The best direction I can give you is want professional help if it become more serious and happens more regularly. Mine started about 10 years ago and unfortunatley they own gotten worse. I hope this is not your case but if they do seem to be more frequent get some back and trust me if they get fruitless enough you will.
Wow, that's moderately a sad story. It sounds severely much like hysterics attack - all the right symptoms. I would suggest consulting your doctor, this is not something that u should put fund. It can have enormously deep roots
sounds close to post traumatic stress... You have a the creeps of being vunerable. Take karate or self defense and it will assuage or alleviate the anxiety
I think you correctly diagnosed your condition. You should see a psychologist and work to achieve over it.
yes, you probably are having a hysterics attack - you need to progress to a counselor ... if you are in academy, go to the school's counselor, if you are not, look contained by the phone book for a counselor - talk to them. Counselors are terribly non threatening usually easy inhabitants to talk near about problems you are have, and if they see the need, they will after help you find a psychologist or a psychiatrist, Good luck, and I am sorry to hear just about this - panic attacks are horrible things to budge through
Ok so you answered my first question which be going to be...who used to beat her up? You inevitability to "de-sensatise" these need to hold someone you TRUST slowly start with massage the back of your collar or hair...and hold them do with you KNOWING that this will travel no further...they are not going to hurt you...they are de-sensatising need to hold them do this like 2-3 x a week until you don't quality that "paniky" feeling...they stipulation to be able to converse you through the panic it really needs to be someone you trust...even if it's your mom...or loved one.hope that help...
I'm not a Dr. but it sure sounds like it could be from your brother literally strangeling you reasonably often (from what you said for years... Since your immediately having what I would telephone call a panic attack respectively time someone touches your neck, I would refer tou to a doctor who can diagnose and probably treat you for this problem...
dear teen rioter.please keep within mind that ONLY a doctor can diagnose you. we're just brainstorming here, so see a dr asap.
it might be anxiety attacks but i'm orientated toward post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). i've heard that most, but for all, soldiers returning from time of war experience it. i did for years after i was raped. (i'm ok immediately.) no matter what it is, you perceptibly can't fix it by yourself. i'm proud of you for reaching out tonight for guidance. i hope you'll seek counseling too. i'll pray for you. God bless.
Your brother darned in the neighbourhood killed you is what's wrong and very soon you freak when it reminds you of that time. He needs an *** whipping for doing that stuff to you, what a go into spasm. I'd let him know that he almost kill you and that you may have to reward him back some daytime for the paranoid life you own to live because of that crap.
Does sound approaching a panic attack but beside good principle.
I'm sorry you did not have anyone to protect you when you be 10 and held down by your brother until you turned blue.a very hazardous situation in itself, since you be being deprived of oxygen to your brain. This type of practice should have be punished and stopped immediately. You may necessitate professional help at this point to accord with the anxiety someone touching your nouns causes you.
Sorry to hear in the region of this. May God Bless you.
there is an excellent accidental that the fear you are have of people touching you around your collar are from your brother

most of the time, in certainty, i'd say 99% of the time ethnic group have a "fear" of something, it is from an incident that occured when they be younger

first of all, this is totally normal-dont achieve freaked out- everybody has a disquiet of something

its good that you agreed this though

i dont want to sound similar to any typical person answering you but, if this is affecting you to the point where on earth you have to ask complete strangers for suggestion, you really should contact a doctor, or psychologist, it would help immensely

it is PERFECTLY majority to have a dread of something, but if it is affecting your life to the point where on earth you seek assistance from strangers, perhaps it is time you have a chat to someone who can really help you

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