Am I crazy?

I always catch ths feeling similar to pics can like read my mind and are newly looking and judging me. Oh and no I don't do drugs or dring or anything similar to that.

It may seem that everyone is watching you, but most race are focusing on themselves and are not concentrating on you. As for the pictures, they are just a representation of culture and only hold the power that you give them.

youre not crazy, youre a moment ago a little paranoid. i perceive the same style a lot, and i other wonder if people can read my mind and they dont detail me. its normal.
I feel you already know the answer. No, you're not crazy. The pictures ARE watching you. However, if you want to stop them from reading your mind, wear some tinfoil on your head. Trust me; it works!
hey, parannoia is a adjectives thing, your not crazy, purely a lil paranoid. i used to be like that lol it be fun, but that was put money on when i was contained by like level 6
I always quality like empire know about dumb or shameful things I've done and gurgle at me behind my hindmost. I constantly rewind things in my guide and try to piece together peoples motives in what they articulate and do. I know I should be more self-assured and think positively but I enjoy yet to authenticate myself. Im working on it though and I feel Im recovering. I just hold to constantly realize that Im insecure and I don't know what people are doing. So it doesn't variety sense to speculate and all the sense contained by the world to be happy for myself. I enjoy to stay focused on my life and hopefully near enough exploit and enough "best answer's" on here, I will confirm myself as a good and respectable soul.

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