I am becoming aware.?

that doctors no longer like to prescribe xanax or valium. I enjoy been prescribed them for 8 years for my anxiety and madness attacks and no doctor in my srea will prescribe them anymore. Is this because of adjectives the pill freaks out there in a minute that abuse and put up for sale them? They are made for some people and immediately they cant get the medicince they entail. How can this be worked out?

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First you should be getting your prescription through a pshyciatrist. Medical doctors will prescribe it but its more difficult and they are suspicious of people abuse the medication. If you find a pshyciatist and provide a medical history from other doctors that proves you've had a long permanent status use of these medication, you should be able to verbs your medication. But see a pshyciatrist, medical doctors are only moral for temporary prescriptions of those types of drugs.
if your Dr. is leery of prescribing xanax or Valium ask if at hand is another type of medication for your problem they could recommend. also ask about a referral to a psychiatrist.

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