A Bipolar/Attention Deficit Disorder adjectives?

i have not long begun a relationship of sorts near a girl, a really good friend of mine but im not sure wether it will work out immediately.

she has attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperacticity disorder and is bipolar.

anyone know any course i can help her as at the moment i surface helpless? i convince her several times not to do anything so she is still alive but i wont always be in that. anyone got any suggestion? i know you cant stop society being ADD/bipolar but she doesnt similar to taking her medicine and i cant receive her from the distance we are (she lives a couple hundred miles away_it would cost me lb120 to come see her and get hindmost (just under $240) so i cant step see her everytime

I have a daughter near the same disorder! it is heart-wrenching! i assume that since she have the hyper activity along beside the bipolar, that she is probably more up than down?? which is probably why she refuses to appropriate her meds!! that is popular beside bipolar sufferers!
if there is any road you can help her, and you are worried of her adjectives, she needs to be hospitalized right away! she will hold to be supervised until a professional can somehow convince her that she needs to thieve her meds!! i have to monitor my daughter adjectives of the time!! hope i helped, somewhat!!
could you convince her to see a doctor, or pycoligist?
goodluck =]]
when someone have mental problems all you can do is be firm and forget about any threats or acts ('im going to cut myself/kill myself/ create myself throw up') whatever, the more attention you take-home pay to these things the worse she will behave. treat her like she doesnt own these mental disorders...and dont worry yourself. theres zilch you can do, if she asks for help lend a hand her but other than that sign out her be in that department. dont explain to her to take her meds.if she doesnt want to its her perogative. a moment ago treat her as any other person, dont provide into her moods.

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