Am I going crazy?

I am 25yrs old, and be diagnosed with anxiety stern in February of this year, and suffered my first hysterics attack in May. Since afterwards my body doesnt feel like...I get alot of tingling within my arms, and upper thighs. I also get headache all over my manager, and chest pain. I stopped taking the anxiety prescription, because it made my heart skip a beat. I grain that I am starting to overcome my anxiety, but these lingering issues hold me worrying. Is there anything I can do to stop these physical symptons? Should I move about see a pyschologist? Are there any fluent remedies or herbal supplements that I can take to abet?

Please help.


yes please see a pyschologist
You are not crazy but you requirement to see a psychologist
Id definately go to a doctor!

hope you discern better asap, =]]
It's just a team game of your own mind. I get it at times as powerfully, tho' not as serious as you. It's very adjectives to the people living contained by this stress-overwhelming world. It's just a event of how well you can convince yourself to cool down and everything will be fine next to time.

Whenever you have that,try closing your eyes and put your hand in your pockets and countdown from 20 to 1. Don't count not anything tho'. When walking,find an undisturbed corner,beside your back against the wall. This lil trick should lift away that heavy pounding surrounded by your heart/head temporary.

I won't suggest going to the shrink tho'. It's a squander of money and only yourself can relieve cure yourself.

Good luck.
Medication isn't for everyone- so I totally understand why you own stopped taking them.

Personally, I don't think you're going crazy at adjectives. I suggest you see somebody who's into natural medicine/relaxation technique (yoga etc). This might work for you better.

If you can't be stuffed finding somebody to help you, only just buy relaxation books from your bookshop. There's heaps of stuff in here that will help you.
u should see a would be better if u turn to a physcologist...there is another opening to get rid of anxiety specifically eat vegetables and fruits and stay away from meat and those teatime which contain cholestrol or oily food.excercise day by day...excercise is the best way to go and get rid of anxiety...wakeup early surrounded by the morning and go to jog ina nearer park..there u'll c greenery and inbred beauty which will minister to u in getting rid of anxiety...previously going to sleep drink a milk of glass...dont verbs about span is beautiful
I would jump and do a complete health check, from team leader to toes (takes a whole day), it might be a touch expensive but it will help pinpoint the physical problems surrounded by your body, work on the problems from there. I don’t cogitate you’re crazy, you’re simply scared of the unknown which contained by this case is your status.
No, you are not going crazy. First I would resembling to say surrounded by my opinion taking drug only costume the problem, so I agree with you on stopping that. Our bodies are similar to cars it gives us signs that something is going on. I surface your issue is more mental,(not crazy) and your body is only responding to it. A flawless herbal tea is Dandelion. I have found Pennyroyal herbal tea to really work resourcefully for headaches.
Hello! I’m sorry to hear almost you're getting panic attacks and anxiety. I used to own panic attacks too (for something like 15 years). They stopped after I took a course of Cognitive Behavioural therapy. CBT is proven to be the most influential thing for frenzy attacks and anxiety. It takes a bit of work, but I found it to be super impressive.

You can take a course for free online at: It have been funded by NHS Scotland and have had great results thus far. A ‘prettier’ altered copy of this type of programme can be bought at If you don’t like computers, the best book is Dr Robert Burns, The Feeling Good Handbook. It is brilliant and used by masses psychologists. Also see for polite anxiety work sheets and information.

All I can say is CBT changed my vivacity. I also did relaxation exercise tapes 2 or 3 times every light of day for a year. I still do relaxation exercises (progressive muscular relaxation) from time to time. They especially help you sleep at darkness.

If you are overwhelmed by information, remember this: control your breathing and you control panic. If you do admin to regulate your breathing it is impossible to get a madness attack. Breathe in slowly through your muzzle pushing your tummy out. Breathe out slowly and for a bit longer through your mouth. Do not breathe rapidly or shallowly (in the chest area).

Good luck!
The first step to revise anxiety panic attack nouns is to believe that you have the potential to take control. Anxiety disorder is not a disease it’s a state of mind that can be controlled. The body responds to the messages sent to it by your mind, even if the situation is totally sheltered but your mind interprets it as unsafe, your body will respond to what you think. The first step surrounded by anxiety panic attack nouns is changing the style you think. During anxiety attacks, narrate to yourself “I will be alright, this cannot harm me and I will touch better.” Your mind and the way you ruminate can control your anxiety physical symptoms. Changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts will cutback and eliminate your physical symptoms.

Learn how to get by your anxiety attacks without meds
-see a psychiatrist
-keep yourself busy.
Your introduction get me a bit confused, you state you were diagnosed next to anxiety but suffered your first panicattack some time later?First of adjectives everyone will suffer at least 1 panicattack surrounded by ones life zilch to worry roughly speaking and people smoothly forget about it or at tiniest they dont seem to be troubled by the it as they are aware of what cause it like stress,loss/mourning,worries etc if such an attack seem to come out of the blue, it even can happen when one is asleep,and it totally scare you to death and you tend to be afraid of the subsequent one and therefor you start to avoid things etc then is the time to want help also it is almost a reality you are suffering from a panicdisorder or generalized anxiety disorder, still it could be hypervetilation and then you of late blow in a paperbag that espec go with the tingling you also mentioned. If it is hyperventilation you will be help if you learn the right passageway of breathing ,fysiotherapyI to focuss on your breathing espec with babyish people this is completely helpful the results are right and to trigger an atttack under the guidance of a fysiotherapist and together step by step see what breathing can do for you is amazing. insurrance can even cover this. To attain to know your body and to tell yourself to everything i.e. happening within my life at hand is a positive way to bar it and for a while medication can relieve the symptoms but as medication dont work well to hang on to your mind clear in the long stop , i mean they tend to sort of interfer beside the real you, medication is a concluding handout, in nonspecific dont be too hard on yourself, adopt that at times you have to slow down, swot up to listen to your body sooner then you realize it tell you to just hold it more easy,run enough rest and sometimes to utter no to all the demands from your surrounding is devout for you.Do more things for you not to please the other.If you are diagnosed with a panicdisorder or generalized anxietey disorder next there is just about 70 procent chance that it is affecting more member of your family that would be the best for you to agree and relate with them.Its sort of Gene-related.Accept it as it is an adjectives mental disease so your number was up but accepting that reality is one thing to find your one instrument to deal near it is another and as people tend to see it as a tenderness they tend to overdo things sort of compensate and that might cause some charitable of fobia and then you are contained by a very cynical spiral from were one definately requirements professional help.This is as you are sure it is a mental disease.It also could be that your bloodsugarlevel is too high-ranking triggering panicattacks and anxiety.Do you have a drift to want to eat lots of sweet if so you might even be a entrant for having it contained by the worst case you could hold both anyways there is no curepill, a dieet , adjectives out coffee,white bread,pasta,potaoes,white rice, some fruits,alcohol and of course sugar/chocolate etc and brackish is the only bearing not to feel awful most of the time , anyways if you can stick to this bright way of foodconsumption you might surface so much better , its worth a try and to be so much more aware of taking good carefulness of your body it will give you a mentalboost surrounded by return and that is what you cant enjoy enough contained by life. Futhermore regular excercise, well brought-up friends, caring for a pet, dont verbs about things as at hand is a solution for everything all will add on happiness. With guidance and belief you can do it.As thats it, you are the best personage to make yourself consistency better

i am a 39 female and i havent feel well since i be 12. Doctors told me it is hyperventilation blow in a paperbag.Also i go to see a fysiotherapist who learned me to breathe the right road he tought my upcoming puberty and the fac that i had lost my dad some years formerly were the motivation of my symptoms i espec had a race heartbeat for which i once was admit to a special emercy unit be i have see people dying not exceptionally helpful that might hold traumatized me on top of it adjectives.and not even 13.. the years that followed i never was myself also trying to be someoneelse, tough,lots of makeup and so on, i could not be close beside some on as i didnt trust nor loved myself no none was allowed to enter my heart so i be so lonely even my twinsister wasnt aware of the hurt inside and how bad i ve feel.Still i felt strong going on for not wanting to take medication for it as i saw it still as a sensitive of weakness , i moved to the other side of the world be i felt suitable untill 7yeas ago all of a sudden severe panicattacks overshadowed everyhting i worked so easier said than done for and not speaking the language here powerfully i even couldnt go to a doctor duration was hell but beside still my twinsister around i didnt give up and closing year i found the courage to ask a doctor for help near medication in my bring espec to help to hold on to my bloodpressure low was willing to help but i was aware that it is not a longterm cure so after 1 year i stopped.Life isnt simple, to stay stout long term is working concrete but not to the point it makes you tired its more close to an enrichment a new dimension allow welfare in you within your life as Happiness is what time is all roughly.

As fornatural/herbal stuff, Saint Johns Wort is good for some but still injudicious with other medication.futhermore the scent candles here contained by Asia are good for relaxation, to hold professional massage on a regularbasis espec the calves are also an impression instead of medication.

i hope this all is of use as i know hwat you are going through but there is fluffy at the end of the tunnel. sunshine after precipitation and for all i.e. happeningin your life nearby is a reason see justification and it straight away is less troublesome, you are childish please dont waist your time, live every minute of it with Happiness.How do you perceive right now?
al the symptoms u mentioned are purely the bodys physical response to anxiety and panic. ur chest affliction and headache will be from tension, try press or yoga to relax or breathing techniques
OK first you necessitate to see a doctor and get treatment the symptoms pilfer a while to leave you're body remember anxiety and madness attacks is a chemical in be a foil for in yore brain and for that u necessitate meds ,,, have principle and good luck
Most anxiety attacks are cause by bowel dysbiosis but it is the last prospect that is explored because contained by conventional medicine when something is surrounded by the head it is cause by the head. Thsi is not so. Candida within the bowel causes adjectives the symptoms you mention. Get serious, read and don't take any toxic pills but Nystatin pills (see : nystatin at wikipedia) : the safest cheapest and no side effects. Good luck.
I exercise some 15-20 minutes daily.
i suffer frenzy attacks so bad that i dont confer on my house not even to go to the doctors, I am on lexapro and vistral and they aid alittle bit but you really need to see someone to sustain with conversation about what is going on, believe me if i could catch over my fears and go i know i would not be a prisoner within my own home. and the body pains and symptoms are real and they stink
See a medical doctor, and relate about the symptoms you're have.

How do you know your "heart skipped a beat?" How do you know the medication cause it?

The symptoms you mention may have a physical or psychiatric inflict.

If "these lingering issues keep hold of you worrying", it doesn't sound approaching you are "starting to overcome your anxiety."

I doubt if any "natural remedies" or "herbal supplements" are going to grant any real comfort. It would be better to see a medical doctor and try to determine what is causing these symptoms. I don't ruminate a psychologist is going to be very much backing either; unless you also step to a doctor, preferably a psychiatrist.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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