Anti-Depressants?? Should I rob them?

Should I take anti-depressant.?

I am other feelign depress.not please in life span. My mom constantly pu pressure on me. call me stupid. i hold thought of suicide every single day. I own a wonderful boyfriend. i am 16 tho. i am having a sound relationship everything is fine. We are going to get married for sure. My mom desires me to break up with him. She singular meet him once. but, it be at a bad time. Like he be at my house on the pation. and he rode his bike to my house and my mom got batty. And she say he dress adhesive. But he had a tshirt and basketball short. because it is 98 degree outside(undestandable). i got surrounded by horrible trouble b/c i can't have boys at my house. We didn't do zilch . My lil brother was here so at hand is nothing we could do. My mom constantly pressuring me give or take a few how she struggle and say. capably I made it by myself. and you can. I just turn 16 come on. i own a small job that recompense $6 an hour. idk what to do. am int he 10th grade. What should I do? Take pills?

u should see yuor cousler and ask wut should you do. A psychiatrist help you alot
If your thinking of suicide every day, you NEED to desire professional advice. I'm sorry in the region of the problems between you and your mother, but you have to look after YOURSELF. Your 16 and own a LOT of living left to do. Talk to your Dr alone, he/she will minister to you or refer to help.
no u don't give somebody a lift the easy means of access right now u are upset because ur mom doesn't close to ur boyfriend but u have to converse to her and tell her that u are not going to gross the same mistake u enjoy to understand ur mother 2 she wishes u to end up similar to her you have allot of things u still requirement to do in life span if ur boyfriend loves u allot he has to hang around until u are ready and u enjoy finish school don't waist ur energy and if u want to have sex transport protection a baby is a big responsibility . U could do everything near responsibilities take caution
No....sounds to me like u r going through what is call good ole puberty and growing up, especially individual a young girl. BUT if u r seriously thinking of massacre yourself every day later u should go want advice.....resembling from your school counselor or travel to church and talk to someone at hand. PLEASE try not to get on pills, u r TOO babyish and precious....take attention to detail....Mom should NOT call u stupid and if she does DO NOT believe that! U know u are not stupid!!!
JUst transport them for the time being and after your hunch better wing your self off and brand it clear with your doctor that it is merely a tempery thing let somebody know you get backbone on track

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