AA, NA member --- Please oblige??

I'm working on my first step of the 12 step program and am seeking some experience, strength and hope. My question is:
What keep you from reconizing your powerlessness and life's unmanagability?
Thanks for any feedback!

You are fortunate to have enter the Program. Do you have a sponsor? Hope so.

Just because I drank until I would overrun out, does that mean my energy was unmanageable?

Just because I would get up up at night and receive another drink, does that mean my life span was unmanageable?

Just because I would hold to have a drink at 5:30 a.m. to stop the shaking so I could obtain my contacts in, does that tight-fisted my life be unmanageable?

Just because I lost two excellent jobs, does that be determined my life be unmanageable?

Just because I was shaking so much at work I couldn't write a pink phone message and have to e-mail my bosses, does that mean my duration was unmanageable?

What keep you powerless? Denial. I would go down and achieve that 5:30 a.m. drink and remember my ex telling the story of a man who have to tie a hankie around his collar and then put his arm through it similar to a sling, just to seize the shot glass up to his mouth -- he be shaking so badly. Did that stop me? Of course not. I wasn't hurting anyone and for a long time I be a functioning alcoholic.

I won't go into why I attached AA right now, but please trust that you own made the most important verdict of your life.

If you enjoy a "Twenty-Four Hour" book, read the thought for the day for January 6 (as repeatedly as necessary). I have that read at adjectives the meetings I stool.

May your Higher Power be with you.
What kept me from recognize my powerlessness and lifes unmanagabilitry? PRIDE You need to become humble within order to make a clean breast you are powerless. Humble means to become teachable. So once we guzzle "humble pie" we are ready to be skilled how to live a life specifically manageable, and to live near the fact that I hold no power over my drinking/using. If I had power over drinking and using, I could stop when I looked-for, I wouldn't HAVE TO drink/use, and I wouldn't put myself in places/situations where on earth I knew I would be capable of drink/use. I have 10 years of salvage time, and I can not say that I don't want to drink. I still do, but presently, I have taken vertebrae my power, and am able to enunciate no to drinking! My life have become manageable presently, because I'm not spending money that I don't have, or making a *** of myself when I acquire drunk. I have widely read to do "feelings," the fundamentally things that led me to drinking surrounded by the first place. IF you are ever in doubt almost drinking, do a H.A.L.T on yourself and see if any of these fits your mood, H=hungry A=anger L=lonely T=tired. If any of these moods fits you then don't drink.
Whoa!! sunshine...

Life's unmanagability...Are you kid?

Everyone has power over their life span if they choose to participate surrounded by it. And Life is very managable, adjectives you have to do is try. Where you founder...LEARN...and try again.

Life is a great adventure, stop crying surrounded by your beer and become part of your solution.
If you truly are an alcoholic or drug user, and only you can wish, ego and fear keep hold of you from recognizing your powerlessness over your substance and the unmanagability it have caused surrounded by you life.
maintain it simple
don't drink, go to meeting, change your entire time
as soon as i put alcohol in my body,and start the mental obession, i bequeath the power over to my disease.for me thats when i become powerless.and nothing on dust will stop me from drinking, only my h.p. have that power and i need to ask for relief on a daily proof.it dont sound to me approaching you have a sponsor,or some class of spiritual advisor.big part of rash soberiety is asking a sponsor questions,we own a whole different writing here in AA. dave n grateful recovering alcoholic
I deduce that if you are seeking support through AA or NA you kind of own that step down.

Addictive thinking is usually what brings you back to thinking you can control your addiction.

Addictive thinking is the biggest hitch in staying sober. http://www.whatwinnersdo.com is my personal addiction website if you check it out you can see contained by the beginning I be back and forth on this subject a great deal. I finally came to the realization that I hold no control over my addiction and just needed to stop.

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