Anybody else discern numb and futile adjectives the time?

To put it simply, I can’t feel any emotion. I feel numb and clean all the time. I can’t remember the finishing time I’ve felt a strong mood. Even when a family extremity died, I felt numb. I do touch this emptiness inside me, resembling hunger, except it can’t be satiated near food. I want to feel joyfulness and anger but I’m stoic all the time. Is this a symptom of depression? I bet even depressed relations feel something. Why am I so numb adjectives the time??!

It may be a sign of depression or maybe you're going throught a discouraging stage in your existence.
Have been hunch like that for too long?
Maybe you're lonely. Have you already talk about this near someone? I'm a lonely person and I can report to you it hepls a lot to spread out your mind to a friend!
I've also been through depression and yes I did grain something, I felt anguish and anxiety. I would commonly get away from everyone.
I don't if this is your overnight case, but even if it's not you should talk beside a friend or a relative!

*Hope you the best!
actually, depressed relatives do feel numb and senseless sometimes. many family have times where on earth they can't feel anything at adjectives, and this makes everything even more frustrating and depressing.

this have happened to me since.

i think when it happen to me, it is because there is newly too much pain for me to process... so i don't have a feeling much at all. it in fact makes abundantly of sense to me that you noticed this up during the death of a household member.

if you look online at depression support groups, approaching dbsa, etc... you will see people describing their depression. and for oodles people it is an pointless feeling similar to you describe.

lots of people own depression at some point in their lives, so you are not alone. counseling does facilitate, i strongly suggest it.
Classic sign of possible depression, see your doc, have a chat, the right psychiatric help or meds can change your existence.
you don't try to feel emotion or often put aside or slight things that will make u have a feeling them try to be more envolved with things u necessitate to make yourself get the impression these things also a close family or friend can also support you if u feel the stipulation to then even a doctor
I discern the same style most of the time. I have be like that for 4 years almost. I dont really ever touch depressed or happy.
That is how i surface when i get depressed so you show see a doctor roughly that.

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