Add medication. what works for non hyperactive?

I am ADHD primarily inattentive. I have been tried on a number of different stimulants - Ritalin, Concerta, Strattera, Adderal, and Cylert. None really worked that well. The one that has worked best has been Dexedrine, which I still take, but in a smaller dosage. However, I have at times needed to be on a very high dosage of it. I was on maximum dosage with the other medications though too with minimal benefits.

My situation is somewhat complicated as I also have a major depression, PTSD and a Nonverbal Learning Disability - all of which contributes to attentional/concentration problems, fatigue/alertness and such.

Wellbutron - an energizing anti-depressant has also been approved for treatment of ADHD I believe.

One of the things that I have experianced as well as others who don't have the hyperactive component is there isn't the outside observable benefit. When those who are hyperactive get on the right dosage, they aren't as physically active.

The book "Driven to Distraction" as well as the website of Thomas Hartmon address some of this.

Hope this is helpful.

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