My friend requirements back!?

My friend is literally having a jittery break down. Last night he kept me up until 5:30am wise saying that he wanted to put to death himself. I wanted to call for the cops but I got alarmed because he said that if I did anything the minute he saw a cop pull surrounded by the driveway he was going to shoot himself rationale he doesn't want to go rear to the mental institute. This happend months ago, and we all thought he be getting better, he's not he's process worse then he be before! I don't know what to do. He wishes to see somebody, but he refuses any give a hand! What can I do before it's too postponed?

Here are a couple of suicide hotlines:

1-800-784-2433 1-800-273-8255

Good luck.
He needs to dance to a Crisis Center or at least phone call one. While it's helpful to sit beside him, he's making you responsible for his life, and you're neither responsible nor equipped. People at a Crisis Center are trained and equipped to carry him the help he requirements. Check your local phone book for the phone number, and next time...if he say he's going to commit suicide, don't wait to call upon 911. He needs a great deal more help than you can possibly distribute him.
That sounds like a not easy stiuation. You should give him the phone number for a suicide hotline or inform his parents. Talk beside him ask him what is wrong and that you are his friend and you care exceedingly much about him and want to bring in sure he is safe. You nouns like a vastly good friend thank you for helping him.
I will recount you from experience, calling 911 will sometimes make you look close to an @$$, my father in regulation called my hubby and I one darkness and said he was going to gun down himself, so we called 911 not knowing what else to do and rushed over to his house, when the police get there, they manage to get him out of his house, and he told them that he have just have 1 too may beers and was a bit upset and that WE over-reacted. So, um, only just be careful, but you do want to get your friend some assist. If he has robustness insurance, you could aways (if your town/city offers it) steal out a mental health inquest warrant it is where on earth someone or a few people will come and pick him up and clutch him to a local hospital either eagerly or unwillingly and get him the facilitate that he needs. It sounds close to your friend really needs lend a hand, and don't let him attain you down by his words or actions, but as his friend you should contribute him some options. And if you procure the inquest on him, he may be mad at you for a while, but within the long run, he will appreciate what you have done.

Good Luck
I consider you really need to inform his parents on what is going on. You and the parents can procure together and come up with a solution, because if you keep hold of quite and and do something to assist him then if he hurts himself that will be on your conscience..

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