Adolescent change?

Many changes ensue during adolescence. Identify one physical regulation, one social change and one mental / hysterical change. Choose two of these change and explain why they might affect an adolescent 's self esteem.
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Name a Physical amend that happens approaching growth spurt or acne
A social change close to more aware of surroundings or more independent
A Mental/emotional change approaching crushes and falling in love (thoughts towards disparate gender)
and choose one and write about how it could switch how they feel roughly themselves
for example, Acne makes adolescents have a feeling socially embarrassed and foul.
I hope I helped you answer your cross-examine.
Good luck!
a physical change could be something resembling, body hair, voice breaking, period starting etc.

a social change would be wanting to progress out with friends, joining a group of ethnic group.

and a mental/emotional change would be wanting a relationship or nouns from parents.

this could affect a adolesants self esteem by making themselves feel more self conscious almost his or her body (physical), making him or her feel more considered necessary and loved if they have friends (social) and making them have a feeling trapped/frustrated if the parents are strict and overbearing.

hope i helped haha.
You should do your own homework. Basically, it method: What is different between childhood and adolescence, and how do these change make adolescents have a feeling?
physical- gettin taller
social- want to fit in
mental- you don't contemplate your parents are cool anymore

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