.->how can i hold a sharp memory?

.->i just want to enjoy a sharp memory, because i easily forget things. I am not that correct in memorization, please heLp me...

Memory Exercises & Gingko Biloba Supplements help me a lot!
Check near a doctor first though, to make sure it's safe and sound for you!
repeating stuff to yourself helps you to remember
look at something, close your eyes, envision it surrounded by your mind, and repeat several times. or just do those memory card team game things everday day...they kinda serve. :P
Your brain is a muscle and just similar to any other muscle in your body it must be used and worked surrounded by order to build it up. You build up your brain muscle by exercising it purely as you would any other muscle. The more you use it the better it works. This can be done by reading or practicing memorization for a little while respectively day. There are actual books that be made just to minister to build up your brain. Also there are some websites for it. See below. Good Luck!
Eating the right foods can oblige you improve your memory power and concentration.

Here are some for you to consider:

1. blueberries

2. nuts and seed

3. wild salmon

4. wet

5. dark chocolate

6. colorful vegetables

7. avocados

I get these suggestions from this article

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