ADD anxiety and depression?

I'm taking 300mg of Wellbutrin and 20mg of Celexa. When I first started with the Wellbutrin, my mind cleared, I be able to stay focussed, quit smoking and started coming up out of the pit of despair. The Celexa be added cuz I didn't feel I be the "normal me" nonetheless. Now, my head seem foggy, I'm not as focussed, feel irritable more habitually, have no sex drive but also enjoy no depression. I'm going to get rotten the Celexa. Any ideas from those beside similar experiences with Celexa or SRI's?

I've never stayed on any SRI's for more than a month or two, after weigh out the pros and cons of the effects these meds had on self-image mainly.. I only just decided to play Dr. and pilfer myself off of them... I've have a mess of a time with the ADD/depression issue. ADD can logically include symptoms of depression, especially when you add stimulant medication. Goodness it's just be very knotty to make a clear determination. and when taking meds. it make it even more difficult. Not sure how long you've been on these meds. hold you thought about I don`t know talking to your dr. in the order of tapering bad the meds. and eventually quitting alltogether? Maybe that's not an option you even want to consider, but estimate about it. you know what it's resembling to feel close to the "normal you" ... if the meds you're on aren't allowing you to get hold of to that place. if the Wellbutrin worked at one point but is now not suitably important. it kinda leaves you with the option of either experimenting and/or increasing meds (that's no fun) or I don`t know stepping out on a limb and trying it on your own. wouldnt it be nice to be yourself again. I may enjoy not answered your question, I tried, and within no way am I saw you shouldn't take meds or don't involve them. I just reason ...and in my own experience own found that many times we enjoy far more inside of us...and can do far more than we actually realize. Good luck... I know it's deeply frusterating.

Yes, I have have the same problem. I enjoy Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and more.

I am on a bit of meds and besides anti depressants, I also take Adderal for my ADHD. It works wonders for me and I enjoy been taking it for years.

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