i currently take strattera, but will i hold to take it my together life????? sometimes i perceive as if im dependant on it, and when i stop taking it i become, depressed, gain weight, cant focus, etc...

I be never treat as a child for the adhd but looking back even my own mother said I have it now I own a 7 year old that have adhd. I know this I do well next to out the ADHD meds as now I am an developed and I know that I only have a mild case of it. I know some nation can learn to control it beside out meds as you get elder but others can't and have to stay on the meds. you hold to look at if its a benefit of hindering you and what is best. it adjectives goes on a bag to case point as I have other mental vigour disorders such as bipolar and can't live with out meds most of the time save all.

AD/HD/ is a lifetime disorder, for the most chunk, so many do find nouns of symptoms by continuing to take ADD meds. Some find they can stop if they find other ways to control their symptoms, ie exercise, meditation, therapy, working beside a coach, etc.
Strattera is not an addicitive drug, but maybe it "seems" that you are dependent on it because it's in actuality working and alleviating your symptoms.

Your best bet is to discuss these concerns with your physician.

Hope this helps-

Terry Matlen, ACSW
Author, "Survival Tips for Women next to AD/HD"
basically yeah you will own adhd your whole vivacity becuse medications do not cure adhd they nouns your adhd problems. maybe surrounded by the future the dr. can find a cure for adhd. so don't hand over your hopes up. I have adhd and Im audible range impaired I pilfer concerta 54mg and I wear hearing aid I hope techonogly go and get good that I wont enjoy to wear hearing aids it cost alot of $$ also the meds too. give somebody a lift care.

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