Anybody else enjoy depression?

tons of people enjoy depression.
Hell yes?
try zolof i use it for a while.
We all do sometime,of late think positive.
I have it for awhile, it really sucks. Mine was merely from quitting drugs though. Why?
I did for twenty yeers or so.for the last six months it have been lifting, and I dare read out it isn't affecting me now.

Thank you Universe
I've be in and out of depression a little times but I'm not depressed actually I couldn't be anymore happier
yes i enjoy had it for heaps years
Yes, but I take medication each day for it. I have a chronic disease that sometimes have flare-ups. My doctor says that its a take in for questioning 22 as to why I have the depression. Depression may own helped result in my disease or it could be the disease is causing my depression. Which come first, the chicken or the egg, syndrome. I take Elavil at hours of darkness to get to sleep and Celexa for my depression, day by day. I occasionally take Halcion on my extremely unpromising days.
You should get serve if you think you are suffering. Depression can be tough to pedal if you dont have anyone to speak next to and confide in. Talk near your doctor they make prescription drugs that can abet make depression easier to business deal with so you can progress about your life span.
I have for years immediately. I'm still trying to find ways to keep myself busy and adjectives. The problem with me is that I verbs way too much of things.
You are not alone.

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