Always counting and thinking non-stop?

Okay, honestly, I find myself counting squares as i walk or pallid poles while driving. I also get into a hammer to make sure I totter or drive at a steady pace, counting steps per square, the lines on the floor. i also engender clicking noises beside each step and count. I don't surmise I am a genius, but humbly, I will say-so most friends and family member tell me I am pretty intelligent. I other see things that are perceptible to me, but others don't see it. My mind races 100mph. I hold self-diagnosed myself with ADHD, but if i concentrate, I can control it as I am aware of it--sometimes I hear the thud and see the bird fly by, but I focus not to turn my head :) My interview is: I don't think this is ordinary but do others do these things and area other thinking. I don't drink more than 12 oz of soda a day, and not departed 12noon. Otherwise, I will never sleep. Is there anyone else out within that does this?

I have matching problem my whole existence its ocd and racing thoughts i abominate the racing thoughts.i own insomnis because of the ocd racing thought i can stay up for days straight next to out sleep and i dont do drugs.but i am on meds paxil.I had to budge to the doctor to get my meds.
Sounds close to ocd to me.. It runs in my inherited and it's horrible.
are you taking meds fro ADHD? You might want to talk to your doctor roughly autism... you might have a combination of both.
Hang contained by there...
See your robustness care professional soon,
This is certain as "OCD"; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Medication & therapy own proven effective at dealing next to it.
I think i hold ocd a little and it sounds approaching you do too. I count everything, stairs, tiles anything. I also get these awful thoughts that if i dont do something close to for example, walk the dog later something horrible will happen to me or relations i love. That thought doesnt go away until i do it, the thoughts are really awful so i other convince myself to do whatever it is surrounded by fear that this awful thought could ensue. I also always hold to make sure my saloon doors are locked, my windows are up and my interior lights are stale.

It sounds like ive get it bad but i really dont, none of them consume my enthusiasm or anything like that.

it isnt mundane but i dont think its anything to verbs about, you could stir to a therapist and receive a perscription, i did, im on zoloft it helps for ocd and adhd also depression and a bunch of other stuff.
Don't self-diagnose..seem like a dutiful option, but it can attain you into a lot of trouble. If you own real concerns something like these habits, salary a visit to a doctor and they can set you up for a psych eval if you want. I would say-so it is most likely you hold extreme habits, sensitivity, or OCD. If it isn't severly interfearing beside your life (although I consider a deficit of sleep somewhat severe) you shouldn't worry. The certainty that you CAN control it makes it totally un- OCD (typically it is outside of your realm of control). I wouldn't right to be heard you are a cadidate for ADHD though, mainly because concentration isn't your concrete issue, it's more of a processing issue in your senses (confusing sounds next to things you see).
I guess the bottom line is you should step see a doctor, because it DOES bother you, and they could set you up with an anti-anxiety medication, or something along those lines.
Hope I help
I have like peas in a pod thing. I simply got it within the past couple of years. If I am walking, I'll brand a click noise everytime I step and I might count the steps but I can't remember. I count syllables to see if they generate a multiple of 5 or 10. I don't know, its weird and I hatred it. I don't think its OCD or ADHD. I hear and see extremely well and go and get frustrated when others don't because it's so obvious to me. I don't know if you also enjoy this but I think extraordinarily different form others and notice even the slightest bit of discomfort and this make me unconfident. The way I mull over invades my life and prevents me from doing various things and I also think 100 MPH. I also don't sleep thoroughly well if I am coy about the outcome of something or if I am looking forward to something. I hope this isn't a serious article that will affect me more later on contained by life but I want this to stop.
Everything you describe is contained contained by ODC which responds beautifully to medicaiton. This does not influence your intelligence and frequent successful and talent people hold struggled with the disorder. You did not mention your age, but I would strongly suggest you see a psychiatrist, in that is a great chance for serve.

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