Anxiety! plz oblige!?

every night i suddenly win extremely frightened when it gets muddy and anxiety strts to set in. i dont know why im so worried of the dark/night but i have be since i can remember. does anyone else have this problem? any suggestion?

Oh yeah. Every little noise take on a significant meaning. Shadows become ominous. Your imagination go into overdrive.
Unfortunately, unless you can overcome this through sheer willpower--which, try as I might, never worked for me--you are going to have to any a) ask a physician to prescribe some anti-anxiety medication or b) talk to a therapist/ psychologist /psychiatrist. The latter can prescribe you drugs as very well.
In my experience, it won't get better on it's own. It can, and will, however, carry worse. Talk to your doc, see what he can do for you. Nobody likes have to rely on a pill for help, but if you've be struggling with this for any length of time, you could probably use at most minuscule one good night's sleep.
You may approaching to see your physician. he can prescribe some anti-anxiety drugs for you.

You may like to hope church counselling. believing in Jesus , who is more powerful than the fogginess, is beneficial. Jesus can sooth your soul and calm your fears.

Prayer does relief. Be bold. Your fears are only insubstantial.

"Fear knocks on your door. You answer. No one be there."
i've feel like that sometimes...but it be the fear of not human being able to sleep or wake up in the middle of the dark with fruitless nightmares...and i hated the darkness because i knew i eventually would enjoy to go to sleep. Salt within a diet can help match adrenaline hormones...i read it somewhere, im sorry i can't remember. . but try typing it in The best point that helped me be talking to someone until that time i went to sleep...or if your religious...pray/meditate... read a book (that will embezzle your mind off of your anxiety..) preserve your mind busy with restful thoughts..u kinda have to distract yourself.
I'm almost 40 yrs ancient and afraid of the dark. I couldn't integer it out until about 4-5 years ago and it be discovered after talking beside a friend that it was do to something that happen in the cloudy. (i'd rather not say-so on here)
Anyway, you might seek back from a friend or professional to talk in the region of anything tragic that happened to you ...contained by the dark. This may or may not relieve. Just a suggestion.

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