Anxiety treatment, how do I bring back over this!?

I have have anxiety and depression for about 5 years. I bring 40mg Celexa once a day but can't procure out of the panic faze. I'm constantly worried and give the impression of being like I'm surrounded by a fog. I have tried paxil,wellbutrin,zoloft,xanax,... it seem nothing works. I enjoy done therapy as very well. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Any counseling but? Sounds like you hold done all the meds. Does anything trigger the anxiety or is it basically generalized?
I'm sorry you have anxiety.
Try a stronger anti-depressant than Celexa.
Find out what triggers your anxiety attacks. Maybe you can receive control of it before your attack is epidemic.
Take deep breaths , count of 30 perchance even 100.
Also, think of something pleasant.
Good luck
I'm individual 17 and I've been depressed and own had really unpromising anxiety for about 5 years in a minute too. I feel approaching i'm basically wasting my young years and I don't know what to do. I've done counseling and tried to change but not a soul takes me seriousley because to everyone else..I don't LOOK approaching anythings wrong.. I just preserve everythin inside & I'm basically totally isolated. I meditate it's probably something you need to do on ur own cuz zilch works. I'm workin on just getting out near more, working..The more stuff you do the less you estimate and worry.. So hopefully that help even though I'm sure u've tried it. It's just that meds and counseling aren't going to do much :(
I can sympathize, I own been exactly where on earth you are at.
I finally weened myself off adjectives the meds because some were
certainly making me feel worse, especially paxil.
I found the untaught way much better and I recommend taking
Saint Johns Wort, its an herbal medication that you take three times a morning, it takes give or take a few two weeks to kick surrounded by, but it worked for me, I also found that prayer, and not isolating my self helped a large amount too. I hope you feel better soon, Sincerely, Patricia f P.S. be sure to buy a glorious quality brand may be at Sunharvest, I like "Natures sunshine" Brand
See panic attacks, depression, and anxiety treatments, at on pages 8, 2, and 6. Consider reduction off their use slowly, near medical advice, and see "theroadback", and antidepressant websites, on page 2.
you can look for answer within yahoo health ,I dont assume if those pills can help ,you are the simply one can help yourself 1. avoid drinking unhealthy food ,your diet is the best tool can support you prevent and overcome a disease 2 .Exercise is the second tool and is really effective ,I dont recommend you that jump for a specific sport like yoga swimming jog or aerobic ,find something that you really enjoy and try to do it at smallest 5 time per week.3.Drink water I dont convey you slow drinking is better to encourage you drink marine as much as you can ,At the beginging maybe you dont resembling it much but your body will get used it .4 .Deep breath ,The solely way to remember is start beside a short period of time for example 5 or 10 min and do it several time per year.5.Positive thinking ,You can not cure any disease with cynical thinking ,BEILEVE THAT YOU WILL BE COMPLETELY HEALTHY 6.Get organized try do your task within the time frame.
Yes, lots!
I hear you! I have be on medications for 17 years for frenzy disorder. It caused me to jump into a major depression within 1990. When the doctor and I got the frenzy under control, the depression lift off of me. My bro and half-bro and sister adjectives have the condition also, so for us, here is a genetic component involved.
But dealing with anxiety disorder or hysterics disorder and depression is very individual. And doctors are still using the "trial and error" method of select medications for their patients: "Try it, if it doesn't work, we'll try something else!" They own to do this, because we do not yet own techniques to taste and analyze levels of adjectives the brain chemicals (neurotransmitters).

It's helpful to know the classes of medication used to treat anxiety:

Usually doctors try the SSRI's (Selective Serotonin Reunptake Inhibitors) first - (like the Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor, Celexa) -they keep the serotonin your brain produces within the brain longer. Serotonin has a peaceful effect.

If they don't entirely take away the madness, a low dose of benzodiazepine is usually added to get you unemotional enough to function and "start living" again. These are Klonopin (longest acting and strongest), Ativan (intermediate- last about 4-6 hours, and Xanax (you enjoy taken), which is very short-acting (out of your system within 4 hours!).

Wellbutrin affects dopamine in the brain, increasing it. Wellbutrin works on depression for some, but it usually make panic or anxiety worse (and can bring insomnia).

So, what do you do? Go to your doctor and tell him/her you are still have anxiety/depression problems despite taking the Celexa. You have not all the same tried Ativan (generic Lorazepam) or Klonopin. All of these medications are chemically different and one may "work" for you.

For outstandingly severe panic next to agoraphobia, MAOI Inhibitors help sometimes. However, you own to be closely monitored when on an MAOI, because you have to avoid lasting foods or you could get into a life-threatening situation.
I own never tried one of these.

Some people do not suggest medications for it, but that approach did not work for me.

Also, look at your lifestyle critically. I did. Do you drink profoundly of caffeinated drinks? (Horrible for panic sufferers!) Do you smoke? (again, a stimulant which will worsen anxiety).
Do you push yourself to do moderate exercise? Nothing uninhibited, but some stretches & walking? Exercise produces positive chemical changes contained by the brain.

I found that, for my chemical makeup, Celexa (15-20 mg/day) and Ativan (0.75 mg 3X per day) took away all the anxiety. I also hold not had any caffeine since 1990. And push myself to exercise moderately.
I still listen to progressive relaxation tapes/CDs at hours of darkness when I need to (when I'm consciousness edgy).

I was contained by regular ("talk") therapy for months, minus any significant results. Though I hear now that Behavior Modification Therapy have helped others. You can try it if you haven't already be through it.

I also find that breathing in and out very much and slowly 4 times helps surrounded by a pinch!

There are also community support groups (or online, if you live where near isn't one). It helps to know you are not alone surrounded by your suffering, and others may have the information you involve to tackle this problem. But you can do it. Just be over-eager and you can beat this and not hold it run your life.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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