I already know that to gain confidence, you have to be confortable near yourself and fix your 'problem areas', but HOW exactly do you do that?

Make a list of adjectives the areas you feel stipulation improvement, and prioritize. Slowly work your passageway down the list and you will gain confidence as time pass. This is what life is. A constant striving to increase ourselves. I know it can seem daunting at first , purely know, we all enjoy a long list.
Not sure I craving I knew myself :<
Live in the future at a time.
Well...you can have confidence within one thing and not contained by a nother..like your cofidence to start a fire next to two sticks..but you might be unable to communicate to a pretty thing..you see we adjectives have confidence contained by some things its being cofidence within all things..to be exact done with drinking..yes drinking..hold you ever seen a drunk that be not confident..I say not..so start drinking..oh sure you will go amiss at almost every thing resembling trying to drive or fight those four guys within the mini mart..but you will have adjectives the confidence you can fit into a bottle of what ever your drinking..good luck...

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