I have be addicted to drugs, but somehow I've gotten hooked on self-mutilation (cutting). I know that sounds stupid, but once you start you cant stop. I know 'rehab' is in establish, but I don't feel the have need of to go to a nuthouse that reaks of ripened people. I a short time ago need a substitute for adjectives, so I can lessen the process, and go to not adjectives.

Sometimes the "nuthouse" is the only agency to get over the addiction to self-injury. I own been addicted to self-injury for almost 8 years. It's not something that you can draw from over in a hours of daylight. It is a long process that may include several relapses, medication and hospital stays. Passing out from blood loss is not a good sign. That sign is recounting you that it has gotten process too out of hand and that you requirement a hospital stay. Most hospitals have a pyschiatric ward, and the stay is a minimum time of a week. The model of the psyche ward is to stabilize the addiction, and to help find the reason behind the self injury. Most psyche ward have a separation system, so you shouldn't be around "outmoded people". They do a series of therapy to facilitate you find other things to replace the urge to self injury. These may include a combination of Occupational Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Talkative Group Therapy, Musical Therapy, One on One counseling with a certified professional, family connections counseling and sometimes hypnosis. After your stay they'll recommend you to a personal psychiatrist and psychologist, where you can return with individual therapy. One item you might thing that might abet before the achievement is to analyze the situation. Ask yourself questions resembling: Why do I feel the have need of to cut? What specifically triggered the urge? What will happen as a result from the injury? What are ways to use up the urge to need? I am encyclopaedia a link to an fad control log that you can print off: . You want to replace the feeling of wanting to injure near another feeling, one contained by which might help is pysical exertion. Try running a mile or two, push yourself through it. You will experience a backache that will release adrenaline, which is part of the self injury addiction. The concluding thing I recomend is to team up support forums, I will list links to some of the most popular.

Also try:

Hopefully I'll see you around some of the forums. Learn to take trouble of yourself. Good Luck and STAY SAFE!
Please don't just switch-I hold over and over again-there is so much of yourself you are not because you switch-trust me-get into some rehab-or at least a 12 step program
I saw something on TV that ethnic group that cut would put rubber bands on their wrist. Whenever they feel like adjectives they would snap the rubber band on their wrist. If you don't want to budge to rehab you should at least move about to a therapist. And I don't deduce you are stupid. I myself have a significantly addictive personality. I used to be addicted to twinge killers. Whenever I delight in a certain attitude a get addicted really hasty. Good luck!
I think you really requirement to seek some help out. I am just getting over adjectives, and I almost died. I tried killing myself.but I finally give in and go to a "nuthouse". you really need to find osmeone you trust, and spill it to them. find someone that you muse will be able to bring back you the help you have need of. and rememeber: things get worse since they get better.

quality free to email me if you need and more guidance or support. correct luck!
I've been down the road you're heading down and it's not one near a happy closing moments. I was adjectives and burning, and my substitute for cutting be burning, drinking, and doing drugs. I've been to the psych ward twice and I'm within rehab right now. There really is no simple answer for you. I know that when I be getting over my addictions, my unyielding core punk friends making fun of me for cutting made me want to stop. But writing, I muse is the one thing that really get me over it all. Yeah, I'd record, but mostly (this may sound stupid) I'd write songs roughly speaking everything I was going through. I wrote around wanting to drink, hating myself, and needed to procure better. I wrote about everything and it really help me. I'd also write stories, which is my healthy substitute, something like people adjectives, self-mutilating, killing themself, and it made me touch better about me. It made me discern like I wasn't the individual one, and writing about population hurting themselves took away the hurt and was description of like my filter. I could write in the order of anything and I made the main characters me, struggling, but getting over it. And it made me hopeful that I could procure over it and be me again. So, writing was my entity, but everyone has their entity. Mine may not be for you. Really, you need to find what clicks, what you love and it will oblige you get over it. If you can't find something, try mine. Sure, I own a million scars very soon and it gets embarrasing have to explain how low I went to generate myself feel better, to trademark myself numb, but I like my scar because they remind me that my past is TRUE and that I can't run from it. They are afterall only scar. I say, memories blur, but the scar tell a story of their own that you can cling to, to assistance you not repeat the mistakes of your past.

Also, friends are the best!
Don't cutt i enjoy almost died several times from it and know i just draw or express my opininon instrument too often so i wont budge back. It interfers next to school and vivacity so much and causes alot of problems.
Please don't do this to yourself. You are such a great entity and you shouldn't treat yourself like this! I hear that people who cut do it because it give them mental peace/ relieves anger and stress. Why don't you try yoga classes or pilates? That usually relieves stress and maybe writing more or less your feelings within a journal can back relieve any anger you have. You can also try psychiatric therapy, and if you are still on drugs, then perchance you should go to rehab...? Talking to family unit and friends can help too. I hope this answer help, and I hope everything works out 4 you! =)

Oh..? This is going to sound really retarded but hold you ever seen the movie "Along Came Polly" ? Did you see the portion where they are adjectives up the pillows? Maybe if you can't get over the adjectives, you can learn to cut something else, close to a pillow or another object. I'm sorry if this sounds dumb but I a short time ago wanted to write this incase it help because I don't want you to harm yourself anymore! =)

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