I am taking Efexor 75mg and come across to be doing ok but required to hear from others who are taking it?

I have be battling depression and anxiety for roughly 10 years and I think I enjoy finally found the right medication. I've also started seeing a psychologist.

10 years is a long time to be battling depression and anxiety,am sorry to hear you are suffering so long..enjoy also suffered very fruitless anxiety and panic attacks for a long time and be prescribed Efexor.I put it into a search engine of late to check it out and what i did find out made me decide not to switch on taking it..sorry to say it..started using rescue remedy and get counseling and am still getting hypnotherapy done.its not the fast answer,have taken a while but i am seeing the results..without the tablets.
yes it help me...i take 150mg...but i can touch when i miss a dosage(s). i took paxil, lexapro, prozac before...effexor works for me.
they give me that stuff after my wife passed away. i never noticed any difference.
after six months or so i stopped taking it. after after two years a new doc . give me a new prescribtion for it . i have a terrible side effect from it my stomach feel like it have a big hole in it .
if you ask me - it's useless, for me anyway.Grieving and psychological problems should be worked out the instinctive way.
Hi, I own taken Effexor for three years now. singular the 75 mg, sometimes I take one within the am and one at night but mostly one surrounded by the am. They do take the limit off.

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