Am I Okay?

Umm im 15 years old. and latly ive be feeling sooo depressed for no origin, at all ( its bee going on for 6 months now) or i draw from mad or jelouse at the littlest things. i be aware of empty,emotionless, and soo unfortunate.

is that normal, or should i see a doctor?

No, it's not usual, honey. You need to seize some counseling.
Go see a Doc. thats what they are there for.
If you are notion suicidal, then yes. Otherwise, it's your hail as - but would probably still be recommended.
No matter what they voice you are Okay. Tell yourself that and watch the self-esteem grow. Remember I'm Okay-You're Okay. Of course you could be clinically depressed; contained by which case you should natter to a doctor. But please remember you are what you think adjectives day long.
{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}} to you! I'm sorry things hold been so impossible. Can you ask your mom or dad about it? Find a grown up you can trust and consent to them know you have be feeling awful for a while.
alot of teens travel through a period approaching that. mine was more at 13. if you quality it's so bad that it's hopeless, conceivably it's a good hypothesis to talk to someone.
See a doctor, but teens frequently experience depression and mood swings. Still, maintain in mind that depression is in fact considered a potentially fatal disease.
yes, budge tell your doctor adjectives you simptoms. you might have depression or anxiety disorder. best to return with it checked out before it get out of hand, and carry on longer. Good Luck
talk to a DR.
No Honey it is NOT commonplace, the empty, emotionless, and melancholic part, is not ok. please travel see a dr. make sure he or she listen to you, getting angry fast, and the above inner health are all factor and parcel of depression. maybe a counsellor can relief too, ask your dr about that as ably. a full physical complete with blood work probably isn't a unpromising idea any, just to fashion sure there isn't another underlying incentive.
good luck, best wishes, and don't cart no for an answer, if ur normal Dr wont assistance you go see another one...don't furnish up, talk to your parents, or a academy counsellor, minister, etc...
a friends mom, if you can't talk to your own, but don't consent to it goagainst
I believe it could be a little bit of both..empire your age go through different emotion like this..however, they do not second all the time, and they are not that severe..I dont know you, so I cant say-so for sure, but going to see a doctor wouldnt be the worst thing within the world..If they tell you its nil more than your age.then you at smallest got the fortune to talk out your ambience.
good luck.
it depends.have a chat to a friend..try to get everything out even if you dont know what it is write something like the things that make you wacky and yes you can be depressed for no reason it's scheduled to me one min i feel fine the subsequent depressed and crying but so far ive had alotof stresss that have caused it worthy luck finding out what your problem or struggle is i wish you the best of luck
You are totally likely okay underneath that depression and you should go see a counselor or shrink or doctor. Try talking it through near someone you can trust. You say in attendance is no reason but in attendance may be a good root. When you get support you will hold the ability to matter with what is making you discern so rotten.

Therapy provides coping tools and support and teaches you how to work beside your emotional dynamics. If it turns out you own clinical depression, there are medication to help, but at your age it could efficiently be the weight of time pressing down on you. If you get support you will be capable of get out from underneath it. If there is a college or university within your area, they may own a some psychology profs who are also therapists who you could budge see. It's a brave step, and an important one to hold! Don't accept misery.

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