Should I be positive or indifferent?

Around friends and family, I'm specified to be very unenthusiastic. I always muse the worst things will happen to me and the fucked up portion is I am always existence. I practical live by Murphy's Law "Anything bad that can evolve most likely will happen". But the item is when comes to people bar me, I am very confident. Dispite being agreed as negative I am also set to be stressless. Mainly because all the bullshit that have happen to me, I own become kind of indifferent almost nearly everything. So is it better to live a indiffernt stressless life or positive stressless natural life. If its the positive life relief me out.

If your thinking is not causing you any dysfunction, I would not verbs about it. It is your choice whether to be positive or cynical (I would not call it indifferent if you grip to Murphy's Law and believe the "worst things will happen to me.")

A glum attitude attracts negative situations. Being indifferent and not getting stressed can sometimes indicate anyone emotion-less. All of this could be your defense against what has happen to you in times gone by. It's not the healthiest way to matter with yesteryear and you'll probably have to frontage it eventually.
I think it depends on what benevolent of experience you want out of this life. I believe that what you focus on expands or what you expect to occur will happen.
I know it may give the impression of being tough but what if you were to expect dutiful things to happen? Focused on the honourable things in enthusiasm? Try it. Watch what you are creating with your words and individual give voice to things that are apt. Get your focus off the refusal and see what happens. Life is a great big experiment. Play near it! I imagine the more you focus on the virtuous the more good will come to you.
Sounds approaching you are disconnected from your heart because you are afraid of being hurt. Tap into your devotion, and allow the rest to just unfold.
You can stay denial and be miserable or you can change your road of thinking and be grateful for what you hold and for who you are. The negativity won't get you anywhere and most relatives will shy away from someone like you who will bring them down. Not to mention, by human being negative you are bringing even more negativity into your time. I hope you can get beyond that and start living go and enjoying it. Good luck.
The Universe brings you what you fully expect. Expect Murphy to rule, and to be precise what you get.

Expect biddable things to happen, and to final, and it will come. (And if it doesn't, you will notice that you "weren't surprised" that discouraging things came again, implication you really weren't expecting good, solely hoping.)

Do a search for "the power of intention" to read how this works.

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