ADD-How exactly do they question paper for it? My son's almost 5 & I suppose he have it. What adjectives is involved?

What exactly do they do to determine if a child has ADD? What style of tests do they make available? Are there any alternatives for relief other than medication? And any other information you can make a contribution I would appreciate! Thank you!

my daughter is 7 and has ADHD/ADD over surrounded by the UK they are see as one of the same item anyhow back to your interview there is lots of alternatives depending if he is food reactive. coffee is one that can give a hand as like the med stimulants to an ADHD/ADD creature work the opposite to what they would a "normal" party. omega 3 fish oils are obedient but if you get him to a doctor they will assess him, don't verbs they will not give meds if you don't want them and the test are done very jammy and the child really would not know they was arranged. good luck
A pscicological check. There are some things the teacher as all right as the parents can do. It's called reinforcement or other technique such as time out.
most cases are the result of too much sugar.
Hi. I'm a school speech psychoanalyst, and have a son beside ADD.

ADD is diagnosed solely upon symptoms. Is he going to kindergarten in the spill out? You could ask to have the school's literary psychologist test him for attention span and memory, and ask to hold his speech/language evaluated by the speech therapist. If he is preschool age, consequently I don't know who you contact in your state to own him evaluated. You can call your local arts school district and ask them; they will know. It's free.

I suggest you talk to his dr., though, as a the first step, because it could be plentifully of other things--or caused by other things. For example: Has he have a blood test for head? High levels of organize in the blood impair attention span, and near chelation, some of it can be expelled by the body. This is just an example.

Usually at 5 general public don't use meds for ADD or ADHD, unless the child has another medical problem such as seizure; in this crust, a med that addresses both seizure and ADD can be tried. Usually for young kids we simply abet the child by giving prompts to keep attending when tuition is taking place, and after praising him for attending. "Ready? Look at me...Help me do A-B-C's. Here we go. A, B, C, C,E, F...X, Y, Z. Yay! Good work! I like how you help me."

In terms of automatic things...I highly recommend strawberry flavored fish grease capsules to support his brain functioning. Nordic Naturals sell them online; Children's DHA 250 mg. You can Google their site. They are higher power than you can buy at any store.
well, I may be approach off... I don`t know this is just for adults...but when I be tested it was done by a psychologist. I took more or less a 15 minute test on a computer which be constant letters flashing at hit or miss speeds. I was told to hit the space pole when i saw the letter "X" appear...but on no other correspondence. I compiles the results on a comparative scale contained by % to the A typical using OMISSIONS and/or COMMISSIONS. This determined whether the issue was ADD or ADHD

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