Whats wrong near me?

I have this problem.. lol. I don't really know what it is.. similar to when i start doing something i can't stop. Like, Opening and closing my phone over and over again... popping my wrists and ankles over and over again. pushing the screne on my DS back and forward over and over again.. popping my ears over and over again... scratch my sheets over and over again..and lots of other things.

What is going on?

Answers:    Could very in good health be a compulsive disorder...but since it doesn't happen adjectives the time, it could be something else. I have see many a personage suffering from varying degrees of stress budge through similar actions - they have never displayed such behavior before, but , suddenly, they are!

Something stressing you out? Do for a moment "mind check" before you see someone nearly any disorder - takes a few minutes. If you are not stressing on something, see an MD (bet he asks if anything is stressing you out as capably!)

Have a Positive and Powerful Day!
a.d.d., obsessive compulsive disorder.. we can't really diagnose you but your doctor can.

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