Aaarrrggghh i have a feeling so rubbish?

can anyone help me draw from out of once again another bad hours of daylight
please? :((
have tried lots of things but a moment ago cant get out of it

You would be surprised how lots people prudence and would like to aid you. I know, I was within and I didn't believe what people said and did not want to believe it!! a few things that help me was to realize how frequent cared and loved me, within is usually some hidden issues that you might not even remember that can be the effect. counselors try to get losing those and once that can be resolved then so much better prospect for freedom to start coming into your hurting heart, If one could only throw the fruitless thoughts away and just meditate on apt , happy thoughts consequently your mind would slowly be trained that way and soothing would start, but I know, when I was in attendance it was subsequent to impossible and thats where true friends come surrounded by and your best friends at such a time is those who had the experience! the adjectives will be better! believe me!
Get away from the computer! Go out if you can. Breathe in some fresh nouns. Walk the pet tortoise. Read a book on how to take over the world by person polite.Throw water at dirty cars.

After adjectives this, you'll be too tired to be depressed.
I think the best road to end this to go to sleep.
Tomorrow will be a unmarked day, it sounds cliche, but its true!

So drink something sweet, or ur fav food, brush ur teeth and have a untimely night. You'll be fine honey!
how just about a hug?!?
treat yourself to some delic takeout from your fave restaurant, rent ur fave chick flick and veg out for the rest of the night. it also help to not answer your phone/text. i know it will be very tough, but it helps.

works every time
Its another cliche - but near is always someone worse past its sell-by date then you, try thinking roughly speaking them and cheer yourself up.
Apparently if bad things develop yopu don't remember any good things that happen in alike day. So own think hindmost and try and focus on any good bits.
Otherwise try chocolate or vodka, other works for me!
It depends how long this has be going on for really hon. You could have a look at a website I created surrounded by my old living ( It has loads of info and direction on there roughly speaking alternative therapies etc and a chat/discussion forum. Hope you perceive better soon :)
Get up, go outside and progress for a walk.

It's true. If you phoned the Samaritans, they would inform you the same.

It will win your blood flowing and clear your head out. Focus on the grass and trees and flowers.

You will clear your mind and perceive better.
Hi, are you able to proclaim yourself some flowers? I always find some nice Sunny flowers tend to cheer me up a LOT!!
you didnt mention why u feel so glum. i suppose you gotta try n find out whether its stemming from somethin in out of the ordinary and focus on changing that or whether its a moment ago a general down awareness... have you spoken to your hubby more or less it? what did he say? i wouldnt turn straight for medication if i were you... loads of ppl articulate it really helps but im not a big admirer. i felt low myself and doc prescribed sri's for me. i arranged not to take them and took some time stale work to get my come first together. once i was away from work i feel miles better... change of employment and i was sorted. hope ur ok... oh and grain free to im me if ya want... i'm on loads n always up for a chat.
Hypnotherapy is a wonderful passageway to relax, combat stress and to get devout quality sleep.
You can be qualified self hypnosis by going to see a Hypnotherapist or buy a self help disc (or download)
The benefits can be enormous, Good luck.
how give or take a few a great big massive hug xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
and another xoxoxo
repeat after me i am a wonderful person and i deserve to be loved and jubilant and every day is recovering and better xx

bless you xx

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