Can anxiety, stress, and depression raison d`¨ētre this?

I have be under abundantly of stress this past year. Started beside my apt. buring down, then have a son who needed surgey. After that had get bad stomach problems. Lost bulk and had day after day nausea. After every test doc said it be all stress. Then I started notion a little better and the have some family issues. Now I some stoamch problems, but not as doomed to failure, but also head problems. It seem hard to concentrate at times, fell bad balance(seems to be more to the left) nevr have fallin in recent times seem kinda clumsy. The other hours of darkness i noticed one of my pupils be larger than the other, but now they are ordinary. Sometimes have pressure lower than my right eye. Also have lots of hysterics attacks. Everyone says stress. Could it adjectives be stress? Iam only 20. I other fear the worst. Iam sick of going to the docs and do wanna move about back for matching answers just what to achieve better and move on.

Answers:    Hi!

You own a lot of like symptoms I had during the first year that I nursed my mother through cancer, and it be indeed stress, but here's a bit extra... Stress can kill, so breed it a priority to seek clean and productive was to guide off the upset. Stress undermine your body's auto-immune system, and stomach ulcers, open inner ear infections, chronic upper respiratory problems, sleep deprivation, heart and circulatory problems, are all adjectives ailments... The symptoms of which you've pretty thoroughly described above. You are of no help to anyone if you agree to the problems eat at you, the view is to accept that a disaster have happened, and right away focus on creating a plan to get out of the mess and save it from reoccurring. The best way to start this is to start off collecting resources, and, networking near others around you. The resources can be as simple as bookmarking informative websites, joining local social clubs that are centered around your hobbies and interests, go out and consistantly do something fun, simple, and inexpensive, and join as many inhabitants as you can, with the opinion of talking going on for anything *but* problems. When you are around a large number of those on a daily proof, your problems tend to shrink in flexibility as your focus is drawn outward, the symptoms fade, and your problems become a lot more confident to properly perceive and manage. You don't even enjoy to talk give or take a few what's bothering you, and I suggest that you don't. People are far more helpful surrounded by real and practical ways when they enjoy no clue that they are helping. It's the company, not the counsel, that you need... I am a chronic introvert, so I know what I recommend is no small task, and it will appropriate an enormous amount of moderation and discipline to pull stale, but I promise you, the rewards are beyond what money, love, anger, or angst, could ever win for you. Please get better soon!
yes, stress CAN assassinate you. Trust me, seen it start.

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