Am I run of the mill?

You guys and girls must have already hear about that horrible tragidy that occured to that little girl surrounded by that Six Flags amusement park right?Well is it normal for me to enjoy had a dream give or take a few someone coming off the superman ride?I be determined a person who flew right stale that thing on June 19 2007?Then to find out that on June 20,someone sufered a horrible nightmare vanished by me.I really don't know why this keeps on arranged.Please don't think that I am unexpected.This is serious.But than again this hasn't been that simply time that my dreams or nightmares come true...What should I do?By the way,I am not crazy.

you are hugely normal. we adjectives have the fitness to forecast future but not adjectives of us holds the key to unscrew that sense. your sense is partially clear naturally, so you can't control the on and rotten bottom. it receive information whenever it senses something. i used to have dreams that forecast futures or events going on around my friends and family but be presented in nightmares. a friend of mine told me to read sutra 2 hours a sunshine, and after about 2-3 weeks, my nightmares become regular dream which forecast future. if you are christian, you can read bible may 1-2 hour a time, make sure when you read it, you hold to concentrate on only what you are reading, don't assume or try to interpretate the meaning, this is an excersice for your brain to be clear and composed., this will reduce your nightmare and furnish you peace of mind.
i stopped listening to word for this reason. The story be your mind when you feel asleep and specifically what caused your dream you are not crazy it is if truth be told s natural antipathy
Thats a weird effect that happen to lots of people, lots of general public dreamed of the twin towers inccident before it happen, kinda like a payment from the future.
It is probably only just coincidence. But some believe there is no such article as coincidence. I know you're not crazy. These types of things freak everybody out.

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