Advice anyone?

This ALWAYS happens to me...I set out my laptop, my books, pen, dissertation and get equipped to study/do homework, but then I lately can't stop myself from checking facebook, my email, playing games, watching tv, eating, cleaning etc. At the vastly moment I am typing this question I should be studying for a quiz. No thing what I do, I get bored to loss and have to move around or do something else. How can I focus?

Get rid of adjectives unnecessary distractions. Go to the Library or someplace in your home away from the computer, tv, radio etc. Some place where on earth you have to gain work done. That way it make it easier to associate doing homework/studying. Tell yourself I have x amount of time to do this. Then, I can do doesn`t matter what (fill in). Set small amount of time like 20 minutes of work consequently I can check out facebook or email. Then another 20 minutes of work then I can take a snack. That's kind of how I do it.
It's newly a matter of self-discipline. You don't own it, so you let yourself mess around doing anything, rather than getting down to business. Next time you *want* to mess around, start describing yourself no. It's really that simple. Self-discipline takes some sacrifice.
force urself to remuneration attention if that doesnt work talk to ur parents and I don`t know they can help(they do know some stuff) if u are bored make it more interesting by playing little games next to urself using ur homework and study material
Keep this mind, someone near a degree will bring in a million more in their lifetime afterwards someone without one.

Their is other time to play, but be smart about it. School, work, relationships come first. If one on Facebook or such is a problem, then its your addiction, so quit going to it, until you can set and aver limits.
you might enjoy ADD! Just make studying or homework fun, sometimes you can play games for studying, thats what i do sometimes on the computer.
here is time to play and time to work..self discipline is all it take.when you go out participant your heart out so that when its time to work you're all party out till the
Don't use your laptop...
Go some place where you won't hold internet access / TV / games / food / other people wanting to hold fun.

A good place is a library... some days, even a park is a flawless idea...

Make sure you own your fun / food / any needs taken keeping of before you start.

... Maybe it's basically that you haven't set any good studying traditions?

If you still find it too difficult to concentrate, start working on one subject that you are the worst at, and don't move on to the subsequent until you're done with everything.

... Try this site too:

EDIT: I said "don't use your laptop", but apparently you will have to at some point... So, if you know you enjoy to do some research, make a record, then research, after go away from the laptop next to all the things you collected, and use the material you enjoy to study.

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