Has anyone tried stimulants to back near depression?

I've been on meds for depression for 3 years in a minute and I feel tired adjectives the time. I mean tired down to my bones and no amount sleep help. I can sleep all year and drink tons of water and still have a feeling the same. And I enjoy had this nouns since my teens I am now 25. I've have blood tests and gone for a sleep study adjectives to no avail. I drink like 3 diet cokes at work to stay somewhat awake. I've read that someitmes they use stimulants close to Ritalin, Dexedrine or Adderall to help treat definite types of depression as well as ADD. Is this true? Has anyone tried this? I own researched it a bit and I even seem to enjoy some characteristics of ADD. I've tried telling my "shrink" but he doesnt believe me and is other reluctant to listen when I tell him my meds arent working. Also how do you progress about requesting a cat scan or different test. Right now I see a shrink at the hospital because its covered by ohip so i'd own to go through him if i want to see someone else. Any relieve please?

I have a unbelievably treatment resistant major depression and own been beneath a doctor's care for over 12 years. I also hold ADHD, PTSD and a Nonverbal learning disability, adjectives of which can contribute to fatigue.

I have be on a variety of anti-depressants - Prozac, Zoloft, Effexor and very soon Vivactil and Wellbutron. Of all of them, I own responded best to the Vivactil and Wellbutron as they are the more energizing anti-depressants. To augment my treatment, I also take Synthroid as I hold a borderline functioning thyroid. That tends to tender me more energy.

In my shield, I have also be on a variety of stimulants and that have helped alleviate some of my depression and furnish me alertness and better concentration. Since going on the stimulants, I haven't needed to have as much caffine as I used to requirement to wake up. It be common for me to necessitate between 6 and 9 cups of strong coffee in the morning to start sensation alert. This was even up to that time I became depressed.

If you are downcast with your doctor you hold the legal and ethical right to a referral or second view. You may want to have your primary concern doctor involved to at least bargain with your "shrink" as that may assistance things along.

Your "shrink" may be hesitant to prescribe stimulant medication if you enjoy a history of chemical abuse, because of the risk of becoming addicted.

You can be tested for ADHD by filling out some questionaires, and participating surrounded by computerized testing that looks at attention/concentration/reaact... time. There is the Continuous Performance Test and the TOVA. Both of them can aid in the diagnostic process.

You don't mention whether you hold had a traumatic principal injury, or have a research disability. Those are some things that can be checked out as well, depending upon any work/school/life issues. Do you hold "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" or Fibromyalgia?

Just some thoughts, hope they are helpful for you. Take contemplation.
Have you ever had your blood checked for iron less? That will make you tired, depressed, listless.
tell him again that ur meds aint right if he doesn't listen ask him for a referral to another covered p-doc and adjectives i can think of is possibly a little more sugar
Check out Provigil- a stimulating antidepressant. havent tried it myself but I'm going to ask for it. appropriate luck.
Do NOT use stimulants to deactivate depression. I self prescribed myself ritalin roughly 2 years ago and after about a month and a partially of abusing it, I started have panic attacks. It seriously screwed me up. Try Cymbalta. I be recently on it and it's worked the BEST for me (I've also be on Lexapro, Prozac and Celexa for depression-- they all made me suicidal. I be on neurontin and then lithium for mood stabilising--- they made me touch nonexistant... and I've been on Xanax for anxiety-- and that **** didn't work). Anyway, srsly, try Cymbalta. It's outstandingly effective.

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