"do the subsequent right thing"...what does that penny-pinching?

I know that people within recovery repeatedly say the expression "I a moment ago do the next right thing".

Can anyone explain what that really scheme?

It means taking respectively thing one at a time, a moment ago like taking sooner or later at a time. If you try to look at your responsibilities and goals as a together, you get overwhelmed. By choosing that the subsequent thing with the sole purpose you do will be the right thing, departing future decision for the future, enthusiasm is much more manageable and not nearly so startling.
I have never hear that.
really do need more info, but i am not really sure what that system.. BUT kinda sounds like "Play the tapr adjectives the way thru" i know that system for every action within is either a hostile response or a consequence. think roughly it and it will make alot of sense. to me "My" motto makes alot more sense than the one that you enjoy. the best of luck to you and EVER. JJ
its crazy you ask this because my did is in A.A. and would other say this to me. What it routine if your in some sort of trouble to in truth do the next right entry. In A..A it means not to pick up a drink and instead do something right to benefit yourself

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