I can't stop tweaking my computer... Do I enjoy some thoughtful of mental bug? LOL?

PS Happy Mother's Day, ladies!

You are hilarious! It is not a mental bug. You are using the computer for entertainment. Ten years ago, lots of us used television to occupy spare time. Now that most box stinks, we are lured to the computer. It's fun and sure beats watching TV currently. Thanks for the Mother's Day greeting, too. You sound resembling a really nice guy.
i think i am also infected near the same virus
i guess im suffering from the same point! i have a research thesis and 3 essays to do before tomorrow and i haven't started any of them! i don't know what to do!!!
Yes and no..
Actually its a microsoft error.. PBKAC..
Problem Between Keybord And Chair...
User error.. replace user!
yes, but not because of that lol

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