Anxiety problems?

I have GAD. Normally I enjoy it under control next to a low dose of Effexor XR, but since last week I've be feeling awful, I'm not have panic attacks, but I'm idea alot of anxiety and missed work Thurs. Friday and today. I'm having a really awful daylight today. Does anyone have any suggestion for me? (besides taking more meds, I'm not willing to up my dose or transport anything else) I'm really surprised this is happening to me because I be doing so well on the medication, and later all of a sudden out of nowhere I get hit with this anxiety. Any warning or empathetic words would be very much appriciated.

The best approach to deal near anxiety is on a one at a time basis, and staying busy help, too. Your self-talk can make the problem worse. In other words, if you notify yourself "I'm feeling a great deal of anxiety" you will probably continue to. What you hold to do is focus on the moment. What am I feeling right very soon? Compared to the worst anxiety I ever felt, is this a 10 or a 4? If I survived a 10 in the past, I can definitely survive a 4. And don't consent to it keep you from going to work. The more you agree to that happen, the closer you acquire to agoraphobia(not being competent to go out at all), and it promises that you won't stay as busy as you would enjoy if you went to work. You may hold to take it a step at a time, resembling OK, I feel too anxious to turn to work today, but I know if I do, I'll feel better, so I'll lately go to work, and when I bring back there, if I still quality too anxious, I'll come home. Chances are when you get within, you will already have begin feeling better and will stay at work. The other point to do is to focus really hard on something surrounded by the present. Notice every single thing around you, the colors, get the impression, sound, etc. This will distract your thought processes from man obsessed beside what might be and you will find yourself being competent to function better.

These are just sketches of how you can back yourself, but there is some highly good counseling you can draw from now to assist you cope with anxiety, so you may want to try that, too!

Good luck!
Are you also seeing a shrink? they can help you swot up to deal near the anxiety as it comes
Go to doctor and counseling.
same thing happen to me... i know its awful but just try to stay positive and power your passageway through it rather than aggression it. its hard but you will perceive great after wards. i also have to take Prozac to assist me with the madness attacks. good luck, and sorry, i know what your going through its down right awful. Remember, power through, dont fracas.
Such medications normally lose effectiveness over time. See anxiety treatments at http://www.ezy-build.lattice. ( on page 6, and read page 2, on antidepressants, since alike medications are used for both.
Make a record of all the upright things in your energy and focus on how they make you glowing. Be glad for them, think going on for how lucky you are to have them.

You can also set aside some time surrounded by the morning (15-20mins) to keep a memoir and just write what ever comes to your mind - it can be anything at adjectives even if all you're thinking is "I don't know what to write" next write that down. Pour out all your thoughts.

Make a catalogue of goals that you would resembling to achieve and focus on them - thinking something like bad stuff will solely make you more stressed roughly speaking what is not getting done and you'll feel worse.

Do something that make you happy.
Go for a stroll or read a book or watch your favorite movie.

When you're outlook somewhat better I suggest thinking about what brought this unpromising feeling on - really take to the root of the problem and try and solve it. If you don't know what it is or how to solve it there are plentiful people out in that that can help you.
There are courses and seminar available to help you swot all the tools you might stipulation to turn your life around.
I suggest something near NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming.

If you would like someone to agree to you can email me.
Therapy can be very dutiful in your situation, Jen. That's the problem today. A lot of treatments for anxiety and depression rely on medication only and not on psychoanalysis at all. Both are complimentary to one another. I know that, for me, I couldn't attain better on medication alone. Thankfully, my psychiatrist referred me to a collegue of his who is a psychologist. And I learned surrounded by therapy to transformation the way I have a feeling by changing the passageway I think. It help me a great deal surrounded by regards to anxiety and depression.
In my bag, anxiety saved my time. This sounds weird, but it's true. I be on Paxil for years and finally was competent to taper off it. The anxiety symptoms come back, as expected. Anxiety was my body's track of telling me something be terribly wrong, and I have just taken drugs to draw from rid of that feeling. Since the enthusiasm I had when I started Paxil be 200% different than the life I have when I got bad it, I did not believe I had a mental problem. It took me almost 2 years and closely of cash (my insurance company didn't cover so copious things) to get to the TRUE cause of the anxiety. Once I begin to resolve the cause, not individual has the anxiety gone away, but my mind and body feel stable, calm, out of harm`s way. It has be a long struggle, and suffering the sheer terror of nouns attacks, or feeling too anxious to turn to the store. I used to walk around the store or doesn`t matter what fearful of having an anxiety attack, or try to quarrel off anxiety. But presently it's like my entire brain have been rebuild.
Paxil never cured anything, all it did be prevent me from resolving the cause.
I utter anxiety saved my energy because if I had stayed on drugs, I never would own found out the number of things that were going wrong beside me physically.

PS There was no mode I could "talk myself" out of the anxiety, or "weighty breathe" enough through it, or snap out of it, or keep hold of so busy that I didn't feel it. I have medical issues that needed attention. Now I do use those mental techniques when my thoughts start heading that approach out of bad mannerism. But my body no longer reacts beside racing heart, sweating hand, dizziness, faint sentiment, or that horrible need to "escape".
Make your doctors work for their money. Make an appointment to discuss this business. Missing 3 days of work is much too long to be sitting around the house without medical direction.

Best of luck.

P.s. Try going to work tomorrow. Get up and get dressed, most of the time once you are in attendance, you are happy that you made it and will start to feel better, however, still brand name a doctors appointment.

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