Depression and removal of house support?

ive suffered with depression on and past its sell-by date for years. my mum was an alcoholic and grieved for her track befor she died and tried to distance myself from the situation, without avail. my mum passed away a year and a partly ago and my depression is worse than ever, i have even started have panic attacks. this is affecting my work also and consequently affecting me financially. my problem is that my own flesh and blood dont recognise depression as an illness, my brother think i am jst lazy and my dad doesnt fathom out why i cant jst deal beside things. he particularly hurts me next to comments about not mortal strong and ho weak i am for crying adjectives the time. i have an appointment beside a counselor this wk which i am hoping will help, within the meantime i am hurting so much. i moved away for 6 years an my brother in focused casts up the certainty that i wasnt here for the worst of what our mum did when she drank, i feel resembling im an outsider and dont belong with my domestic anymore.

I am sorry that your family feel the way that do. Many children of alcoholics due enjoy trouble with depression issues. You may try going to an Al non union. Hang on till you see the counselor and hopefully you can get on an antidepressant that will lend a hand you. Your family may never appreciate but its important that you do and you do what you inevitability to stay sane and safe. There are also support groups for populace who have depression and hopefully your counselor will enjoy that info.
I can relate to what you're saying on SO heaps levels. I, too, enjoy suffered from depression since my teens; I'm 52 now, and enjoy never felt that my house understands (or wishes to). I likewise moved away to find away from the pressures my family placed on me to do things their approach, and it has be very complex. I urge you to go to the counseling; it have been a true godsend to me, and have helped me to follow that many of the issues that cause my depression are not my fault; it also help me to sort out the ones that I COULD change, and work to label those changes come up. It's a long road, but if you take it step by step, you CAN generate it happen!
I am really sorry for your loss. But I believe that you going to see a counselor is the first step for u to start one happy again. And as for your brother and father, I regard as that they could be feeling alike way as u do, they only decide to express their mental state in different ways. Have you tried sitting down next to them and discussing it with them ? Also, I can assure you that even though times are tough right in a minute, they will get better!
See hysterics attacks, and depression, at on page 8, and 2.
Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to relax, combat stress and to receive good feature sleep.
You can be taught self hypnosis by going to see a Hypnotherapist or buy a self backing CD (or download)
The benefits can be big, Good luck.

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