Any books for adults still suffering the affects of childhood playful and bullying?

I've searched, but they be all geared towards parents and teacher dealing with bullying surrounded by the classroom, the children themselves or adult bullying surrounded by the work-place. I'd like a book that address the after-math and offers resolution.

I'd suggest looking for books on PTSD.
hiya at hand

im not sure this is an answer to your question but i can see why you requirement a book to gear towards help near childhood bulliyng... from personal experience i can understand that hullying doesnot run away as soon as school years are over. it can play near minds etc

personal experience
good luck
I don't know of any books, but I can share my experience beside you and hope that helps. I used to be brutally tease, bullied, and tormented throughout grade academy and beyond. So I know where you're coming from when you vote that you were hurt because I feel that way too. I even started to self medicate because of the backache, and by God's grace, I've been verbs and sober for 21 years now.

One of the things I did be change my exterior so that I would never be tease about my appearance or my ideas/ideals. I dyed my hackle from brown to blond. I started working out to build muscle and self esteem. And I started to dress as an adult that I could not dress as a kid. The subsequent, and most important entry, that I did was that I changed my perception of who I am. I own always admired the crew from Star Trek: The Next Generation. So I developed the regulation of Picard, the joviality of Riker, the intelligence of Data, the wonder of Geordi, etc. And now I am a unusual individual that is incapable of person teased.

So what do I do in a minute if I ever ran into my tormentors again or am tease by any other? I tell them assertively that I will NOT allow myself to be treated that process. That's what I do and it worked for me. Good luck! Look at the one on PTSD especially. Also the one where they commit suicide: if you meditate about it, this impact other adults and what the suicide victims could have done and the children they could enjoy had and the associates whose lives they could have enhanced, as in the domino effect. You can also look up information on sociopaths, arrogant psychopaths, etc. Women who are bullied as children and have not deal with that may be more predictable to fall prey to wounding husbands and suffer from not only Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but also Depression and Battered Wife/Woman Syndrome (which can also be a symptom of PTSD if you ponder about it). And in attendance are a lot of books on these issues.

Article abstract (but you own to pay or rate to join for the together article)

"Plus, for the first time ever, the Adult Survivor Of Peer Abuse is introduced and we learn of what these survivors live beside on a daily proof."

"Look for the second part of this remarkable story, Please Stop laughing at Us… expected within bookstores in Fall, 2006. The subsequent book picks up where the first one departed off – the hours of darkness after the astonishing events of Jodee’s high arts school reunion. It includes the events of Jodee’s personal, and completely unexpected unmarked professional life surrounded by the past several years. Practical suggestion for students, professionals, parents, and adult survivors is included. Please sign up for Jodee’s newsletter for notification of the publication date. Another New York Times Best-Seller is economically underway!"

"Sibling ill-treat: hidden physical, heartfelt, and sexual trauma.
Wiehe, Vernon R.
Thousand Oaks, Calif.; London: Sage, 1997
ISBN: 0761910093
Identifies different forms of sibling abuse and suggests methods of treatment. Includes personal accounts by ancestors who have experienced sibling rough up." Most of the resources are about childhood sexual invective. But I think since this come from a sibling, it was closer to bullying.

If you sanction bullying as being a form of rough up you can look up books on adult survivors of childhood mishandle. And people who own resorted to cutting, furious behavior, depression and suicide attempts, and other techniques to cope.
Well, in that are not a lot of books out within because most people obtain over it. A person who is still suffering the effects of childhood coy clearly has some underlying poor standard that should be dealt near by a professional.
Still hurts.

I am sure it will remain apart of who we are, I ended up marry a bully after being bullied for years within school. Thank God, I know to get a divorce after a year of hell.

However, when I go to the doctor years later, they told me that I be suffering from PSTD from the abuse from my ex. I am sure that it "really" have alot to do with, the bullying within school, home, ex, which adjectives together, helped me pick a bully for a husband, a duration long partner, could you image that, after adjectives that hurt and pain at home and surrounded by school, I picked impossible to tell apart type to be married to forever, which according to statistics, without sustain, I was drawed to these types of society.

Best of luck.

Don't do what I did !
You know there is some great literature and treatment for a condition call PTSD(post traumatic Stress Disorder). You could possibly be suffering from this due to past bullying that is to say still haunting you. I would suggest that you look into some of this information it may be helpful for you.

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