Angry Or Bitter? Or What?

Okay so things havent been so great former times two years. I lost my family because I moved to live beside my fiance, twice he's left me homeless and in a minute emotionally abuses me even out of the relationship, he can't aid but control me even when I'm not with him. I've have to surrender my dog because no one can minister to me house her, she used to live with me n the fiance.

The issue is beside every thing that go wrong like this, I don't know. I quality angry and sad. but it make me feel more... Well... Like I don't want to follow the rules anynmore, it make me hate empire that don't deserve my hate because I associate them beside whats happened. Am I only a loon or is this a normal repercussion... What is this I'm going through?? It just seem that everything I love gets taken from me, and that I'm disallowed to have things or be optimistic like everyone else??

hey sammy, the individual thing that you can control is you. you can not control relatives, places or things. you need embracing in demand to move on. when your disturbed, its becuase you find something substandard to you. whether that be a person, or a situation. nought , absolutly nothing, happen in this world by mistake. your addiction, problems, baggage...will never move about away until you accept the reality that you are in control of you and you control your destiny. you cannot stay stomach-ache free unless you accept go completly on lifes terms and you cannot be lively until that happens.
you inevitability to concentrate not so much on what needs to be changed surrounded by the world as on what needs to be changed contained by your attitude. I am in control of ME. thats what you should be you think anyone care whats going on with you? do you possibly meditate that there is someone that is to say waiting to rescue you? not even the nicest guy can do that for you..everyone helps someone for a reward of reward here within helping you? I was where on earth you are....:(
the only piece that helps society are people themselves..

return with a job..bring back a home...get a natural life. bottom line. NO personage is your savior.get away from that character completly and start living your life as YOU deserve. YOU are essential and YOU count.
I am sorry for everything that you have be through. Well you are angry and bitter at the same time and from what I own read in your examine you are very hurt. You have need of to live for you and no one else, have an idea that everything through carefully earlier you make a edict. If you feel the entail to get angry beside someone then do it to your fiance. If you are still next to him then honey you have need of to leave him because you can do so much better. No one deserves to be emotionally abused.
Hang surrounded by there and verbs up them boot straps, Learn from this, stay strong and Most of all Stay positive! surround your self merely with positive ethnic group. Dont talk or acknowledge that controlling bastard, Move on and draw from your self back on track.Sometime we allow family to drive us over the edge and we can forget who we are! your not crazy, You a short time ago forgot your worth more then his assessment!

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