Anti-depressants and alcohol?

hi i was a moment ago wondering if you were competent to drink alcohol whilsttaking an anti depressant, the one i have be prescribed is efexor in the ssri class, i'm not chitchat about adjectives day benders or nil just a couple drinks of a hours of darkness after the kids are in bed? appreciation

i am on effexor xr and have be for the last ten years,it is not recomended to drink while on this medication.however,after speaking beside my therapists at length relating to alcohol he recomends that a drink here and there will do you no mar.everything in moderation.a couple a drinks a hours of darkness is definitly
out of the question,you should be looking more on the lines of a couple a drinks a week at the most.
Call a pharmacist to be sure. Or look up the pill information online at the effexor website. You want to kind sure that you download the pill information that the doctors use. It will contain the trial studies, what side effects people have, and whether you can consume alcohol. I wouldn't trust anything else that people say-so on here. I have taken anti-depressants for a long time and several. They adjectives have come next to warnings against alcohol.

No, it is foolish that you have even 1 drink while on antidepressants. SSRI's are potent meds and I ponder people loose verbs of that because the are commonly perscribed.

Please for your safety and the sanctuary of your family, do not drink, even a few. It with the sole purpose takes one to rationale a potential fatal response.

Are you willing to transport that chance?

Be sheltered and be well
no the affects of alcohol nullify the affects of the meds also you might wanna change meds be a lot of unenthusiastic things about that one just now. just put it into google and look at the stuff that pops up roughly it
A couple of drinks a month, maybe, but indeed not good for you near the meds.
Generally speaking when on anti-depressants, you get drunk quicker than mundane.

So you shouldn't REALLY be drinking when on AD's but one every once in a while is fine, basically not all the time and excessively.
According to, drinking alcohol while taking Effexor is not reccomended as it can increase side effects of the medication. Unless you drink excessively though, it's not going to assassinate you.

Alcohol is a depressant, so it's not going to help near your depression, but as you know, everyone enjoys a drink very soon and then. It should be fine as long as you don't do it adjectives the time.

There are some medications used for depression and other mental disorder that do contradict with alcohol to the point that it is dicey. Effexor doesn't seem to be one of them. Always ask your pharmacist or doctor if you are unsure of any medication. When your doctor is prescribing a investigational drug, tell your doctor you wallow in the occasional drink and not being competent to have a couple drinks once or twice a month is not an opportunity.
no absolutely not,alcohol is a depressant it will one and only make you worse,and may grounds bad side effects beside your medicine

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