A friend and her BiPolar friend?

A friend of mine had her friend move surrounded by with her, she's bipolar. Her friend drove adjectives the way from Fl. to NY beside just the clothes on her backbone and nothing else. When she get there she go shopping for clothes deodorant etc. Then she spent $300 on a weed whacker to do my friends lawn. She be on the go none stop. Someone said it's a Manic episode and that she requests help. She told me she stopped taking her meds. My friend and me get into an argument and I left. The woman is still living contained by her house. Will she "Crash" will she cause fight between each other? Will she start treating my friend impossible because of her mood swings? Also do bipolar people stay long within one spot living I mean or do they move alot? I'm thinking she'll termination up going back home after a few months. Any answers will serve. Thanks.

Yes, she sounds like she is manic and she will plausible experience a bout of depression sometime in the adjectives, that will probably be when she decides to shift back on her meds. I don't know that she'll necessarily make happen fights, it depends on how severe her mood get. She really needs to move about back on her meds, but probably won't listen until she is depressed.

I hold bipolar and I've been stable where on earth I live, however, it seems that this girl is man irrational and really needs her meds.
never live beside a bipolar friend..because they will reel you into their bs
In my experience Someone who have Bipolar tends to be almost over-enthusiastic and completely focused. EG: Shopping, will spend money they do not have but get the impression they simply want to shop! Rushes around the shops not really considering their purchase and to hell with the cost!

The personality I knew would also attach themselves to someone who seem to understand them, because they tend to alienate 'friends' really quickly. He be scared of self alone and would just want to be next to someone.

He would be up and then extraordinarily very down. And yes the crash can be catastrophic, regretfully my friend committed suicide.
Maybe your friend could chat to this young female and try to understand what is going on contained by her mind. She clearly needs help out to see where she is going within the future and what, if any, her plans are. Hook up beside a Dr soon and it is a good model for her to re start her meds again. Coming off tend to heighten everything.
BiPolars experience manic episodes and then thoughtful depression. The mood swings are extreme the highs really big and the lows suicidal. Medication is extremely important within managing this illness. The medication even out the mood swings and then the personage taking them begins to cogitate I am fine I don't need this medication. Most of the medication have side effects such as cargo gain, being sleepy most of the time and the possibility of increased suicial risks. It is a difficult illiness to get by. It does not go away, it is chemical reaction in the brain. It should and can be manage.

Your friend has taken on a drastically difficult situation. Hopefully, she will be able to convince her friend to move about back on medication. The sooner she starts posterior on her medication the better.

When the illness is not manage, the person will do and articulate things without thinking or planning. They are usually extremely moody and some what prone to violence. Remember this is an bug of extremes so they love to extremes, spend to extremes, drink to extremes and on and on.

It requires a lot of love and restraint to deal beside someone who suffers with BiPolarism. Boundaries must be set and they must be maintain. This illness unmanaged does not respect boundaries or confines. Every thing is understandable or explainable by the person beside the illness.

The best position your friend could bring for everyone involved , would be to tell her friend if she is not on her medication she cannot verbs to live with her. This may seem to be harsh, however the soul (with the illness) is not taking care of themselves.
They normally enjoy the manic phase too much to purloin medication. Refer your friend to bipolar disorder, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris... on page 5. Some are fast cyclers, others not so: it can be unpredictable, but the depressive phase is only a concern of time, and when that happens, the counsel on depression treatments can help, but those supplements and exercises should be maintain, throughout the year, to be reasonably impressive.

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