Why does everyone assume you are a cutter when you articulate you self mar, when in that are so oodles other ways?

I think for indistinguishable reasons that when ethnic group have a mental ailment, most uninformed people wrongly assume it manner they're axe murderers that need locking up.
There is such a stigma to self harm, and the media when it does do any articles other only focus on adjectives. There are never any researched and well informed articles that the broad public could read and learn from.
Well what do you do afterwards?

I have merely been reading a bit of your history, question etc... This has be going on for quite some time. I know you do not want to hear this, but I dream up you may need to walk on medication. I have be depressed before as I am a depressant and budge up and down often. I go on meds then rotten then on and so on. Until I be on the brink of taking my own life. Knowing I did not want to die I seeked support. You feel alone because of your friends, and your parents separation. Until you agree to someone help you it will single get worse. I be aware of for you I really do. I have be very down and it sucks to speak the least. Why are you continuing to sit surrounded by your misery? It does confuse me. You are looking for something, but you truly are going just about it in adjectives the wrong ways. I really hope you do turn your life around for the better. You nouns very young at heart. Believe me it does get better. You enjoy to start the process though. You sound close to a bright girl. Use it to your advantage and start believing surrounded by yourself some more. Stop being so firm on yourself all the time. YOU are OK. You purely need to believe it.
Because i.e. one of the most well-known ways that culture would self-harm themselves...it's not a new item and it's not healthy any...it's been around for centuries
What a thought-provoking give somebody the third degree. I must confess to be one of those you refer to.

I suspect it's because it's often alluded to as self-harming contained by the media. Other resources of self-harming, such as drug abuse, alcoholism and over-eating, are referred to by these expressions, but not when it comes to cutting.

Come to surmise of it, you're completely right. Thanks for the advice!
Because self impair is physically harming oneself. Some relatives use it to describe all self destructive behavoir (eg. improvident sex, drug abuse, intentially overdosing), but that would be incorrect usage of the residence. The most common form of self impair is cutting, although tons people absorb in burning, scratch, head bang, bone breaking etc. Because cutting is the most adjectives form of self harm, folks assume that is what you are chitchat about.
One see the immediate and most apparent solution as the only solution to the problem.
When one dialogue about self spoil .. the most visible piece that goes next to self harm is adjectives and if you are in this part of the pack of the planet suicide by hanging ...
But these thought should not come to ones mind as this body is different from the mind and the mind mortal part of the body have no right to harm the other parts ...
If you hold watched national geographic .. you must enjoy seen even a tigress holding its cubs within its mouth without harm them .. the same teeth is used for slaughter the prey bu it doesnt harm its cubs .. matching way gross your brain a good parent for the body and see that you and the people whom you feel can wound this body .. do not harm it contained by any way
Live a nice vivacity child and see the world just similar to a little toddler see it ... full of curiosity and happiness...
That is a unbelievably good put somebody through the mill. i would say it is because adjectives is the most common type of self injure, even though there are plentiful other ways to hurt yourself. Are you asking this because you self harm surrounded by some other way besides adjectives? Cutting has be around since "biblical" times, it is even mentioned in the bible! But you usually don't hear that much more or less the other types of Self harm, even though here are many...

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