Am I bipolar?

I have be diagnosed with depression, formerly, when i was 14(i be planning my suicide and cutting, and my friends/parents found out and help me), and i was put on prozac, and have to see a psychologist for a couple of hours once a week, and every time i was have a bad sunshine. i took the prozac for about a year and i dont perceive it helped any.(it did near the suicidal thoughts) I also have other tended to fly stale the hinges really prompt. my fiance can do the slightest thing and i will run from being festive, to breaking stuff and crying like a babe-in-arms and screaming, and smacking him, normal simply his arms and chest (hes a big guy, so im not physically hurting him). i have mood swings for the slightest, dumb things. today i get mad and threw my tentative cell phone out the window of my sports car on the interstate (thats not the first time). I dont know what is wrong with me but i know its not lately depression, do you think i may hold a mental health issue or I don`t know be bipolar?

I am bi polar and I never hit anyone.. the low side of bi polar is depression..withdrawn actions..usually a soul in the down phase a short time ago isolatis themselves and hides surrounded by a quiet place.. the elevated side of bi polar is running like a madman.jubilant as can be and high gusto output. cant sit still type of behavoir...sonds like something else.. perchance a good shrink can digit it out. seek the serve you need from a qualified doctor
The with the sole purpose one qualified to answer this question is your Doctor.
Mood swings do not signify Mania.
You do not nouns bipolar to me. Might be a personality disorder. You should be honest and ask.
First of adjectives you are not alone. You need support, I don't mean in recent times meds you need to know how to find someone who can be their when you need someone to have a word to. My husband has bipolar and trust me its tough sometimes but I'm that person who can backing him. But, I know when to keep my distance. It sounds approaching you do but It takes more afterwards just one trip to the Dr. to diagnose this suitable luck and i wish you the best of luck.

Please stir to a docter for a good healt-check
and he (she) will obtain help for you and they will revise you how to handle and cope beside your mood-changes.
Its nothing to be shamed of, you are not within balence and perhaps next to medication and mental training you can handle you situation better..
Remeber, you are a fine character, just stipulation some in motion for it..

No, you are not bipolar. You sound close to a selfish, wounding, spoiled brat. Do you think if you have absolutely no money to your given name that you would still throw your cell phone out the window? I doubt it. You enjoy been hitting your boyfriend when you attain upset? This is physical abuse even though you are a feminine. Don't be surprised if you hit him someday and because of reflex, he hits you back. I am sorry to say-so, but you deserve it!
You need to get hold of your mood swings and anger under control. Grow up and start holding yourself in charge for your actions! You will never know how to mature if you don't reimburse attention to what you are doing and making conscious decisions to not stroke like a manipulative and unthankful little brat!
professional help is what you should be seeking
sweetie i too treaty with those type of mood swings. I don't resembling them and i to was consider clinically depressed. and seeking lend a hand and looking for a good friend I still get the impression alone but i learn to love who God have created me to be. I was physically abused. mentally attacked, and sexually exploited by my father. All that i am done next to that pain and i made a choice to live the best that i know how with what i hold been given.i enjoy done a lot of studying nearly smoking and different things you do incress my depressions only to find that that stuff is doomed to failure for your serotonin. caffeine sugar and chocolate are the things i should not eat or own. in short i still medical help out and i also bought Lucinda Bassett attacking anxiety & depression and i felt Good. I fallowed the instructions and i loved existence. People actually thought i be seeing a consoler but when peole found out they were tap in be very funny to seee this relatives were certainly the ones that did not want to see me succed. To bad to offended i choose to live not for them or to make others nutty. but for me I owe me that i want to see what i can do in vivacity. You have to do it for you you live contained by america land of dreams and you do what ever you want to do you enjoy freedom.

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