Am I the ONLY one?

I'm 17 years old and I own only vanished my house like 10 times within the last two years. I suffer from really unpromising anxiety and panic attacks! Here latley i've gotten so fruitless that I can't even take a shower. All I seem to be to do is worry something like dying! I've tryed to get relief but no one will come to my house and I wont head off. I have have an extremly hard enthusiasm... I just get the impression alone.

You are absolutely not the "ONLY" one...

but you do entail treatment and medication if you are ever going to live a life beside any real level to it.
sounds like agoraphobia, you stipulation help and medication
try online support groups
Lord, you are the healer, I pray against the devil and his influence contained by this young man life and i pray against anxiety...thats not of you Lord. I pray for health-giving in this nouns Lord. Also help him to know you Lord. In Jesus mark. Amen
i really think that if you are have a life resembling this such as the attacks and not leaving the house, after you should hospitalized, because this is very serious, how are you going to live time like this. you getting equipped to be 18 soon what are you going to do about a profession, and such, go to the hospiltal and receive help, they will other come to you!
Think of this. You are NEVER the only character who is dealing with something. There is other someone else, somewhere, who suffers the same ailment. However, you really entail to get give support to. I wish I could detail you how to overcome your fear to move, but I can't. Maybe look online for mental health emergency numbers. They may be capable of point you in the right direction or when you phone up a clinic, ask if they can point you in the right direction for someone who can comfort you. There is a solution. Just remember, someone else is and someone else has suffered alike thing and someone have to have overcome it somehow within the world. Just call every clinic, hotline, hospital, anything, you can think of. Somebody will own the answer.
No way are you the singular one. This is a real b*stard of a condition. You involve to keep aggression against IT. If IT tells you its too frozen to get help out, you just preserve trying to get support in spite of IT.
If IT tell you you're alone, say 'yeah, what around all the great responses I get on the net. citizens actually perfectionism about me, so near!'
See if you can arrange a telephone session beside a psychiatrist or psychologist...they must have come across this can't-leave-the-house problem heaps of times formerly. Please don't give up hope. You're childlike and haven't had it long so win help very soon before the horrid entry moves its relatives in (c;
Oh my God, you poor entity! It sounds like you are have such a hard time. I would really, really, REALLY recommend you do a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. CBT is proven to be the most forceful thing for frenzy attacks and general anxiety (and agoraphobia). It take a bit of work, but if you put the effort surrounded by it’s super effective.

You don’t even enjoy to go out of the house to do it! You can bring a course for free online at: (A ‘prettier’ version of this type of programme can be bought at If you don’t similar to computers, the best book is Dr Robert Burns, The Feeling Good Handbook which teaches CBT (it’ll also notify you breathing techniques). It is brilliant and used by many psychologists.

Also please remember that if you control your breathing, you control madness and anxiety. If/when you feel hysterics or anxiety coming on, breathe in slowly through your snout pushing your tummy out (to the count of 5 or so). Breathe out slowly and for a bit longer (to the count of 7 or so) through your mouth. Do not breathe rapidly or shallowly (in the chest area). This will soon restore the be a foil for of oxygen and you will feel a great deal better. (Books and psychologists can explain it a lot better than me!)

CBT changed my existence and I’m pretty sure – if you put in the crack and stick with it – it will convert yours. Feel better soon! The best of luck to you!

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