Anger outbursts, am I over react?

My guy has outbursts of anger & yell. He has particularly little patience,if things aren't going on when he thinks they should he get frustrated & loses it Right now he's below a lot of stress (single parent, lost his job) & it's gotten worse.He's not yell at me,I just enjoy to hear it.He's never hurt me physically, when he starts the yelling I freshly want to cover my ears & curl up in the fetal position.When I be married, my husband was physically,mentally & emotionally offensive to me.What always preceeded the physical verbal abuse was the yell.I think that my brain is going into auto-pilot & I shut down.I don't hold control over it & he can't understand my reaction,he says he's not my ex & would never hurt me.Am I over react? I know he needs to cram how to control his anger or at the very least possible get his yell out of his system when I'm not around.Is there anyway that I can variation the way I act in response to the yelling? When anyone starts yell around me in anger, I hold the same counterattack.

If he cannot understand and become quiet his temper you necessitate to RUN away from this relationship. Remember when you are dating he is on his best behavior. JMO
You may just be traumatized from your ex. But he should know the abusive relationship you be in and he should steer clear of yell anywhere near you. I would ask him to stop and if he can't I would agree to him go. He should stop person such a selfish bastard and conjecture about you. Remember to reflect about yourself first, forget his problems. Worry nearly your health.
you and him should probably be surrounded by councelling. both together and separate. you also need to engender sure that he knows that it is never okay for him to cart out his problems on you, even if he's not physically abusive, from the heart abuse leaves newly as big of scars. (you probably already know that already.) i hope everything go well. xoxox
I believe you involve to get out immediately!
Fetal positions are not normal. Not immediately, not never.
He might be under profusely of stress but if you allow this at this time, you are just giving him a license for more ill-treat later.
Once you and him are entrenched contained by a relationship his outbursts will be more volatile and you will be his punching bag.
Have you not have enough stress and panic in your go?
Help him get the medical attention he wants but have satisfactory strength to walk away since something really traumatic happens.
I yearning you well.
Well, the short answer to your grill is "no:you are not overreacting. There are many men who do not lose their annoyance, and are not quick to anger.

Maybe the interrogate should be "Why are you drawn somehow to the guys who do?"

Ask yourself is you are testing your tolerance or simply choosing your own poison.

Ask yourself if you honestly find such a man attractive ( it might be hormonal-me-Jane-me-like-Tarza... or perhaps you own some unresolved childhood issues.

Develop your own self worth by taking assertiveness classes because you will learn how to not capture into the frustration stage by managing the little steps that lead to it. Once you know your bounderies, you will know exactly when to vote "Thats it, I am out of here" When the relationship is out of hand next to violence, acquire out as soon as you can.

Help your man as best as you can because you might very powerfully be also the biggest source of his frustration.

If this is hard to do, ask your priest, pastor, doctor or friend.
U have need of to seek back. your boyriend has serious Issues, but who care. Your the one that needs assist. your Codependant, and thats not a good item. If you need us to let somebody know you to leave the idiot. next your not too bright as well as codependant. you should try one single until you no longer feel approaching you have to be next to someone. When your content with person single thats when you will find someone who will be right for you. Because you will no longer be getting into relationships just to be contained by a relationship. Codependant relationships NEVER work, and your will not be the first. You are wasting your time and will not behappy while you waste your time.

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