Can one die from not getting adequate attention?

Are there any long possession or short term Psychological devastate one can develop due to severe lack of attention? Serious answers please and websites if available.

Oh my Yes. Maybe not right away from not getting adequate attention unless neglect or swearing is involved. But long term a being will suffer at the very most minuscule from low self esteem. They will be in such excruciating pain that they will self-medicate to snuff that pain. And That can grounds one to die.
I have hear that babies can die from a lack of attention they only give up and surpass away.
A friend of mine told me that when she was within the mental hospital, a woman's brain was slowly dying because her kinfolk ignored her greatly, & now she can't confer.
When babies don't get ample nurturing and attention they can have what's call "Failure to Thrive" they stop growing and developing right. They can also have bonding issues that affect them latter in energy w/things like trust and building relationships.
Not for someone who is out-of-date enough to type on a computer. Babies can die from shortage of attention or mothering in some cases, I believe it's call failure to thrive. But it's not approaching a baby would be asking a cross-examine, so that rules that possibility out.

There is no physiological, biological, or medical reason why someone developed could prematurely die from nouns of attention. They only entry that could remotely be along those lines would be broken heart syndrome, which can only surface to old widows because of hormonal reason. Other than that, their is do diagnosed illness that can produce someone to die because they weren't given enough attention. Stress lead to depression, which can lead to social anxiety, but it's not close to you're going to get cancer rationale no one pays attention to you.

Suicide would be the simply reason. There's not medical common sense why depression leads to direct premature departure. Crazy people die from psychological illnesses, but you enjoy to be kookoo for that and it is only agreed to happen to elderly general public and they end up dying because they're outmoded and just endow with up. But there is no source why a healthy human being can die from lack of attention, something else have to be at work for something as extreme as death to start.
Yes, children die of neglect everyday. Older general public who neglect themselves and their vigour can also die. Just look up neglectful parents/care givers.
The solitary reason I can have a sneaking suspicion that of, with someone dying from not getting adequate attention would be, if they had depression or something and not a soul took the time to listen and try to help. Which the finish off result of that would be a possible suicide.

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